Gotv Self Service: How To Clear The E16 Error Message After Making Payment

Using the Gotv Self Service from experience and from a User perspective is the most convenient way of getting rid of the E16 error message even after you recharge Your Gotv Account. For all Gotv and Dstv Customers in Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi and Ghana this has been a frequent challenge they face even after making payment either at the bank or through the online payment platform.


In this Post we would be digging dip on how we can get rid of this error message in just a few clicks of a button. I will be sharing with us a method I have used before in clearing the error message which worked perfectly for me.


Best Method In Clearing The E16 Error Message

Step1. Look for Clear Error Code at the Right hand side of the page.




Step2. On the home page scroll down and select the option “Clear Error Code” this would take you to the error correction page.


Step3. Enter your IUC Number Select the GoTVE16, Enter the Code Display. And click on Clear Error.


Step4. Please ensure that your Gotv device is Switched ON before you carry out the steps above.


Other Ways Of Clearing The E16 Error Message On Your Gotv Decoder

Method 2

On your Mobile Phone, kindly send “RESET IUC to 4688” as SMS. Wait for a few minutes while your Decoder still remains On, you will regain signal after a few minute of sending the SMS.


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Method 3.

The last method of getting clear the error message is to Call Customer Care. Most people like this method because your decoder will be activated immediately if you speak with a customer service representative. However it is costly due to the fact that they start charging you immediately the line is engaged. You can call Dstv/Gotv on 08039003788 or 012703232.


You Need not to worry, you can reach Gotv/Dstv Customer Service at no COST OR CHARGES when you call them.

DSTV/GOTV Toll Free Lines

Airtel… 07080630333

Etisalat…. 09090630333

MTN….. 08149860333

Glo …… 08113630333 Or 08003788266



  1. // Reply

    For some days now so many channels stopped showing, I have scanned for several days. Yet nothing happened. Pls what could be d reason and he do we resolve it.

  2. // Reply

    so annoying after payment since 7/11/17 with iuc no 2014369002 I could not view my channel.keep telling me not yet credited

    1. // Reply

      Sorry for the inconvenience Sunday. Kindly call the customer service.

  3. // Reply

    After payment since three weeks ago, the error code has refused to leave my screen, nt finding it funny again

    1. // Reply

      Please call the customer service for assistance

  4. // Reply

    since yesterday after recharging my gotv account , i have received a message that shows that my account has been successful activated bt i can’t view the cheannal an i can’t fix the 16 error codo please why.

    1. // Reply

      Sorry for the delay. Kindly follow the steps here to clear your E16 Error.

  5. // Reply

    I am havin challenge wit my decoder channel E16 an bollywood is showin error or subscription scrimble an oder channels which i canot remember again dis is my iuc no. 2017086928

  6. // Reply

    I just subscribe about few hours ago and not received any message and was trying to clear d E16 true self service but unable to type my iuc number

  7. // Reply

    My name is Joseph ogboke since I recharged Gotv 24/12/ has refused to show the seen error 16 some things some luc is 2022408755 . please help to restore it.

    1. // Reply

      Please call the customer care for assistance.

  8. // Reply

    Some stations have gone off from my decorder when there was a sudden change of powersupply.
    My IUC :7016613841

  9. // Reply

    big brother Africa is not showing my iuc 4623439674

  10. // Reply

    Clear the error E16 . This is my IUC NO 2019444245

  11. // Reply

    Clear the error code E16 on channel 29 it was showing and suddenly stopped I have tried calling. Please this is no longer funny. IUC NO 2028930922

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