9mobile 500 Data Plan: How To Migrate To This Plan And The Benefits

Today, data is becoming more cheaper every now and then. This is because there are lots of internet service provider (ISP) now and everyone is trying to catch your attention. In this review, we shall discuss the data volume that N500 can now buy especially on 9mobile and how long you can enjoy it. Getting data bundle for such a price across different internet service provider was extremely difficult before now.


On 9mobile network, there are two data plans you can buy with N500 and enjoy the value for your money. These data plans include;


Smart Pak

9mobile has different paks under this category which include chat pak, video pak, special pak etc. There are two major paks that offers a N500 subscription. The first is a video pak. The offer is valid for three (3) days and it give a three (3) hours uninterrupted video streaming. This also comes with a free night streaming. All these for just N500 only. To subscribe to this please dial *253*1#.


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Also, for the same N500, you can subscribe to the special smart chat pack. This pak gives you access to chat on BBM, Wechat, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Please note that its chat only. This offer is valid for a weeks and it comes with a data cap of 1.5GB. To subscribe, please dial *343*5*10#.


One great advantage of the smart Pak is that you can connect and do what you want only instead of getting the general data plan that your operating system or background apps may feed on and then leave your objective unrealized. This will also cost you less while you do what you love more.



The Smartphone Plan

There are several data plans under these umbrella. They are generally called smart plans and they ranges in price and data volume. There is a particular one that fit into our topic of discussion. It offers 500MB at N500 and has a validity of 30 days. Isn’t that great? It is, if you ask me. To subscribe, please dial *229*2*11# or simply forward an SMS containing “smarta” to 8183.


So, these are the data plans you can enjoy at the rate of N500 on 9mobile. It is worthy of note that this plan comes with auto renewal which means at expiration, if you have sufficient balance on your line, the system can automatically resubscribe you for the plan. To stop auto renewal, please dial *229*0#. You may take advantage of any of them. To check your data balance kindly send an SMS containing INFO to 228  or just dial *228# and it will be displayed on your phone screen.


For further assistance, please contact customer service on 200 for free from a 9mobile number. You can check out other available data plans by sending “help” to 229 and you will get SMS for all available data plans or simply *200# and follow the prompt to see the available data plans.

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