Coronation Merchant Bank: Their Functions And All You Need To Know

Coronation merchant is an investment banking institution in Nigeria that offer several managerial banking services, the institution was initially known as Associated Discount House Limited (ADHL) in 1993 and its main focus was to provide liquidity for debt note and money marketing instrument.

In 2011, a new mantle of leadership was embraced by the institution, prompting a new way to their banking history. After series of consistent and growth across their various metrics, the institution transformed its surrounding challenges to opportunity, thereby paving way for its corporate breakthrough. In 2013 the institution became a merchant bank and further down the lane with purposeful planning and undivided vision it obtained a Merchant banking license and Foreign Exchange licences in 2015.

After obtaining these licenses, the institution has joined the competitive force of the banking industry in providing excellent banking service to its customers across the country, the bank is aimed at setting a new standard of excellence service in the Nigerian banking sector.




The bank has accumulated a proven track record of significant deal as a financial adviser and stockbroker for Firms, Organization, Corporation and Government. Since their inception over 20 years ago. from a discount house limited to a full banking brand. The institution has steadily maintained its reputation.


Coronation MB offers diverse banking products which includes corporate banking, global marketing, investment banking, security trading and trust services, wealth management, asset and fund management.


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These listed services have propelled the institution to the frontline of investment banking option. Here are detailed explanation of the institution transactional functions and benefits.

Since inception till date Coronation MB has supported a wide range of corporation and government with first class banking, lending and asset finance solution, their committed and professional management team offers flexible and customized to suit and enhance client satisfaction.

As a Nigerian leading investment bank, CMB support firms and several institutions by offering first class strategic and financial advisor, it furthermore offers unrivalled execution of investment decisions that best suit each and every of its growing customer base.

Coronation MB offers high yield domiciliary and dollar account for its customers, and also provides them with a FX option, all with the benefit to absorb FX fluctuation; they also provide a fixed income and lower risk in investment of bonds, treasury bills and certificate of deposit.

They also operate private banking services for their clients, services which include savings and current account, credit facility scheme with insurance and repayment solution; it is important to note that these services are designed to consolidate their client.

They also specialize in comprehensive wealth management services, which includes portfolio investment advice, wealth advisory, succession planning and lifestyle management.

It is important to note that the institution deals in Merger and acquisition advisory, its professional banking team evaluate merger option of firms and organization to determine the profitability ratio of the joint investment, thereby giving their client the best merger/acquisition advice to enable financial growth. Their merger and acquisition strategic task includes

  • Merger and takeover of both private and public companies
  • Privatization
  • Acquisition and divestment
  • Joint venture and strategic alliance
  • Corporate finance

All these advisory service and investment option are put in place to create a strategy to provide an exceptional Nigerian banking service with world class financial solution.

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