As Glo gradually turns to the most internet data service provider used by both young and old in every neighborhood, its pertinent for people to know how to set up their mobile device to be able to access the internet with a Glo SIM especially for those crossing over to the network.

For those on the network, this piece is recommended for you to handle your internet settings in case of any challenge. That is, to know what to do in case your settings are disrupted unknowingly by people or you.

Glo APN Internet Settings

When you have a new mobile or you are changing your browsing network to glo. Internet settings is first required after purchase of data plan to be able to browse with it on the network.

There are few options to solve this problem. The first option is to contact customer care on 121 via a glo line to make your intentions known but you must be able to tell them your phone name and model. The customer care agent will normally tell you if your phone can be configured automatically or manually. If it can be configured automaticall, congratulations, he will simply push the settings to you and you can then be able to browse afterwards. But if not, you will have do to manual configuration. He cant help you beyond dictating it to you so you can fix it later.

In this piece, we shall take a look at how you can help yourself irrespective whether your phone can be manually or automatically configured. Below are how to configure your phone automatically and manually;

Automatic Configuration Of Your APN

The setting up or request for Glo Internet or APN settings automatically is called the “Push settings” which can be authorized on your phone through text message. The text message will contain your phone name, that is, its brand and model. Then you will forward it to 927. For instance, if you Techno M3 and you want automatic configuration, simply write “Techno M3” in an SMS and forward it to 927.

Also, when you dont know the brand of your phone, there two messages you can send to get your phone configured. You are required to send one of them. You may either forward the word ACTIVATE to 444 via your Glo SIM on the phone you want to configure for internet access. Or send the word ALL to 1234 and you will get your internet settings almost immediately. When you recieve the push settings, kindly save and activate them for use.

In a situation where your phone doesn’t support the push settings, manual configuration is the only do it yourself option or you may visit any Glo world close to you for assistance.

Manual Configuration

If after 24 hours, you didn’t get a response from the push settings request, it may mean your device does not support push settings.

If you’re sure your device supports browsing, then its time to use the manual configuration settings.

To manually configure the APN settings on your mobile device, simply navigate to your phone settings, check for connectivity or internet settings and select APN (Access Point Name) and enter the following details in the appropriate fields:

*Access Point Name (APN) = gloflat

*Username = Flat

*Password = Flat

Proxy – Blank

Port – Blank

After entering the details, save the settings and your phone is good to go. APN Settings for your smartphone/tablet enables the mobile device to use internet data for internet connectivity. It is the same for any device.


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