How To Book Cheap Flight From Lagos To China Online In Nigeria

Air travel has become a norm these days as fares are now affordable and within the reach of an average man, away from the days when only the very rich could afford to travel by air. Added to this is the convenience booking of tickets comes with too, ticket book is more or less basically done online now and good enough one can book one’s ticket even from the comfort of one’s smart phone. This article will focus on the Lagos to China route. It is no secret that since the lifting of what was generally termed as ‘The Iron Curtain’ from the Asian continent, China which is a country in its heartland is now a mecca of sorts as people from all around the world travel there for business, leisure and other reasons. Traveler who want to travel to China from Lagos can book for tickets a cheap rate online. The following Airlines ply from Lagos to the major cities in China:

  • Air France
  • Emirates
  • Ethiopian
  • KLM
  • Kenya
  • Egypt Air
  • Qatar
  • Turkish
  • Kenya


Where You Can Book A Flight To China From Lagos

Below is a list of the cheapest most reliable online flight booking agencies to patronize if and when travelling to China from Lagos, click on the web-links below to go directly to the booking page on the Website. N.B: Flight fares to China are subject to how many stopovers the Airplane makes before it gets to its final destination; information on how many stopovers an airplane will make on its journey before arriving at its port-of-call, sometimes is made available upon booking one’s ticket for the trip:


Fare Compare NG

These rates from Fair Compare NG cover for a return ticket trip and is competively cheap, Fare Compare NG is known for its really cheap rates.

  • Lagos to Beijing – NGN443,264
  • Lagos to Guangzhou – NGN329,438
  • Lagos to Shanghai – NGN415,172



Cheap Flights NG

Cheap Flights NG book flights to only two cities in China and their rates are below

  • Lagos to Guangzhou – N290,201
  • Lagos to Peking – N269,072


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Below are the ticket rates to 5 cities in China on IDEALO NG.

  • Lagos to Beijing – NGN240,450
  • Lagos to Chengdu – NGN271,902
  • Lagos to Shanghai – NGN278,700
  • Lagos to Hangzhou – NGN319,200
  • Lagos to Nanchang – NGN283,500



Trip Advisor NG

Trip Advisor NG books direct flights with Airline enroute China with no stopovers

Lagos to Beijing – NGN437.150 (Return Ticket)



Wego NG

Wego NG also books direct flights enroute China for its clients.

Lagos to Shanghai – NGN501,488 (Return Ticket)



Which Budget NG

Which Budget NG has on its list more cities in China which Airlines within its jurisdiction ply, when booking with Which Budget NG expect a lot of stopovers. Airfare rates are fairly cheap but this also come with its hassles

  • Lagos to Guangzhou – NGN200,380
  • Lagos to Nanjing Lukou – NGN245,100
  • Lagos to Fuzhou Changle – NGN269,610

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