How To Enroll In Lsu Study Abroad Programs In Nigeria, The Requirements And All You Must Know

Louisiana State University (LSU) started her origins as a result of land grnts made by the United States government in 1806, 1811 and 1827 to the Louisiana State University, Agricultural and Mechanical College. LSU began academic operations on January 2, 1860.


LSU Study Abroad Program

The LSU study Abroad Scholarship Program is a voluntary program organized and run by the LSU International Programs. The scholarship allows students who are United States citizens or students who have been living in the United states for years to meaningfully mix with other students from different nationalities through a series of different peer activities.


These acctivities have been tailored to enhance the immersion of international students into LSU campus life and academic culture. It also offers domestic students the rare opportunity to experience cross-cultural ties gain knowledge about other people, cultures and countries. The program is open to all LSU domestic students (undergraduates and graduates)



Eligibility Criteria

  1. Undergraduate students must have at least a minimum of 2.5 CGPA or higher
  2. Graduate students must have at least a minimum of 3.0 CGPA or higher.
  3. Scholarship is mainly for domestic students ( Students who are United States citizens or who have been living in the U.S for a number of years)


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How To Enroll For The Scholarship

  1. Interested applicants who are also citizens or residents of the United States should visit the LSU website, click on the menu tab on the top right hand corner and select International Programs then click on LSU study Abroad Scholarship program.
  2. All LSU study abroad ambassadors and their international partners shall sign participant agreements which includes specific codes of conduct for all activities. All students shall also sign contracts that clearly defines their duties and obligations for all activities pertaining to the LSU study abroad program.
  3. Orientation exercise is compulsory for all students (both domestic and international) and they shall all fill out a self-assessment form.



Point System And Meaning

Scholarship beneficiaries are granted study abroad points after they have successfully completed their activities, such points can be redeemed for use on other study abroad program or by graduate students for research-related international activities approved by their respective departments.


Each point is valued at a cost of US$10. A scholarship beneficiary must earn a minimum of 100 points before he or she can redeem these points, the maximum point a beneficiary can earn is 500 points. Earned points can be redeemed in the manner described below.

  1. 100 points =$1000 which can be used to pay for a summer study abroad program or a semester long study abroad program
  2. 200 points =$2000 which can be used to pay for a study abroad program
  3. 300-500 points= $3000-$5000 which can be used by graduate students to purchase or buy research related materials.



LSU Available Academic Scholarship Programme Abroad

  1. Faculty- led programs: Program consisting of LSU students and staff to exchange ideas and experience
  2. National Student Exchange: Students get to experience the rare opportunity to study for a year in another state like Canada
  3. International Exchange: Study abroad in another country for a semester or year.

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