How To Pay Your Acceptance Fees On Polyibadan Portal And All You Must Know

The polytechnic of Ibadan is well known as PolyIbadan. Just as its name sounds, it is rightly placed in the ancient city of Ibadan. The institution offers courses at both part time and full time basis for national diploma (ND) and higher national diploma (HND). The institution has a great population of both students and staff.

If interested in the institution, check the website for the available courses and their requirements. You can also check out the mode of the programme that will suit you either full time or part time. Understand the application process and follow it through. After you must been successful with this processes, then you may need to pay the acceptance fee.


More importantly this review looks more into how the students pay their acceptance fee. It is important to let you know that this payment is done online via the portal of the institution. Please note that you need to do this with your ATM card. Another important thing to note is the portal to work on because the institution has five (5) different portals (Student Portal, DPP Portal, Part Time Portal, Admission Portal, Journals Portal) can be accessed through the website. You only need to go the portal that concerns you. This is not difficult to do at all, simply use the student portal accessible from the home page of the institution website.


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How To Pay Acceptance Fee Online

Acceptance fee is the amount of money you are required to pay to claim your offered admission. It means, if you want the admission you have been offered, then pay within the stipulated time. Once you neglect this payment, it is assumed that you don’t need the admission anymore. This is required for both national diploma (ND) and higher national diploma (HND) fresh students. For you to be required to pay acceptance fee means you have been offered admission, that’s a huge congratulations to you.

So, we shall look at the way students are expected to pay the acceptance fee. This article focuses on the process not the amount. The amount is determined by the management of the institution. All you need to get started is to find out how much the acceptance fee is on the institution website or at the portal. Next thing is to load your ATM card with enough cash . Here are the steps required for the payment of acceptance fee in polytechnic of Ibadan;

1. Log on to
2. Navigate and click on payment
3. From here select the acceptance fee option
4. Generate the transaction invoice
5. Click to make payment with your ATM card.
6. Input your ATM card details as required.
7. And proceed to make payment.
Do ensure to print the payment evidence. After these, you may proceed to other registration procedures at appropriate places.

For any further details, kindly forward your email to or visit the physical address at Polytechnic Road,
Sango, Ibadan. That’s if you stay close.

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