How To Stop Auto Data Renewal On All Networks

Auto data renewal is something you may need to consider if you will like to have it on or off. If you don’t want your airtime to be deducted without prior notice until after deduction for a previously subscribed data after expiration, you should consider stopping the auto data renewal service especially when you do a data subscription once just to check something or for an emergency situation that you want to end there.


Auto data renewal service was designed to enable customers enjoy a free flow of data subscription by resubscribing the customer at expiration if he/she has sufficient airtime balance. It also means that you do not have to dial the code or send the subscription message again to do the data subscription again.


In this piece, we shall take a deep look at how to stop auto data renewal service across the networks. If this why you are here, kindly follow through. Interestingly, across the networks, you may call customer service to do this for you on your line. You may call MTN on 180, glo on 121, airtel on 111 and 9mobile on 200. If you want a less stressful way to do this or if you want to handle it by yourself to be sure its done, please check out how you can stop auto data renewal on each network below;



How To Deactivate Auto Data Renewal On MTN Network

On MTN you may stop auto data renewal by sending a simple message. The message to stop the auto data renewal will contain NO with the subscription code of the data you want to stop to 131. For instance, subscription code of 1GB is 106. So to stop auto data renewal of 1GB, simply send NO106 to 131. It will not deactivate your current plan, it will only prevent further auto data renewal.


How To Deactivate Auto Data Renewal On Glo Network

To stop auto data renewal service on the indigenous mobile telecommunications network, glo simply send an SMS containing “CANCEL” to 127 on the particular global SIM. This will stop the auto data renewal service immediately.


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How To Deactivate Auto Data Renewal On 9mobile Network

On the 9mobile network, you are required to send an SMS containing “STOP” to 229 to stop the auto data renewal service or you may dial *229*0#. Either of the steps will solve the problem.


How To Deactivate Auto Data Renewal On Airtel Network

On the airtel network, you may forward an SMS containing “STOP” to 141 or “STOPAUTORENEW” to 440. Any of the SMS will do the job perfectly.


With the above auto data renewal service deactivation steps, you can ease your self the stress of loosing your airtime to unplanned data subscription. This also means that you will have to carry out your next data subscription by  yourself. So, before doing an auto data renewal deactivation, think about it. You may have to memorise your subscription code or SMS or call customer service to get it done for you every now and then. The choice is yours!

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