Perfect Money: How To Use For Different Transactions And All You Must Know

Perfect Money is an online  financial service platform which enables its users to make instant payments as well as secure money transfers via the Internet. It is not out of place to call it online account or an ewallet. This brings a very unique opportunity to Internet users as well internet business owners.


Perfect money has three divisions of customers or users based on their system segmentation after registration. Below are the three divisions:



This appears to be the first stage assigned to all fresh registered Customers on the platform without any applied limitations on the use of the system.



When a customer is active for more than a year. Customers with a definite value of the balance turnover may also be granted this status. An individual may also request an account upgrade from the Normal account status by sending an email to the Customer Service. Premium status enjoys a number of commission fees that is lower than what normal account holders pay.



This status is assigned at the sole discretion of Perfect Money. It is usually assigned to the partners to enhance B2B payments of the companies who run their businesses through Internet.



Customer Verification Status

Customers are encouraged to go through the verification process of perfect money by uploading any government issued identification documents and a functioning  mobile phone number. Once account becomes verified, customers are able to access the full account functionalities. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Charges become lower
  2. Additional security options are added.
  3. Your account becomes more credible for other customers to transact with.
  4. Easy account restoration in the case of lost password or inability to access account irrespective of the reason.


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How To Open a Perfect Money Account

  1. Log on to Perfect Money website
  2. Navigate and click on Sign Up
  3. Fill out the Registration Form and ensure you fill in the right
  4. Click on submit


How To Fund Your Perfect Money Account

After opening a perfect money account, the next thing is to fund your account. There are options which you can use to fund your account. You can use direct funding and here are the steps:


  1. Log in to your perfect money account
  2. Navigate and click on Deposits.
  3. Navigate and click on any of these options:


Wire Transfer

MasterCard, Visa card,  Debit/Credit card

Instant Bank Transfer

Certified Exchange Partners


And from any of these options that you select, you may follow it through to fund the account.



How To Withdraw From Your Perfect Money Account

From your perfect money account, you can withdraw your earnings directly into your Nigerian bank. This is quite simple to do, simply follow the steps below;


  1. Log in to your perfect money account
  2. Navigate and click on the withdrawal link
  3. Select the bank transfer option.
  4. Fill in the required details.
  5. Verify the details and submit. It will generate a withdrawal order.


Funds will be released within 24hrs after the release of withdrawal order. Money will be remitted within into your account within 3-5 business days.


Currently, the minimum withdrawal amount through bank transfer is $100 with no no maximum amount. Although, banks may request a corporate client account for large money transfer.

Perfect Money account holders are also able to earn interest on their funds at the rate of 4% per year.


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