Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF): Their Functions And PTDF Scholarship Scheme

The Petroleum technology Development Fund (PTDF) was established in Nigeria by the Act No. 25 of 1973 constitution, which replaced the Gulf Oil Company Training Fund (Administration) Act, of 1964 and vested in the Fund all the assets and responsibilities of the defunct Gulf Oil Company Training Fund.

The PTDF Act in its definition clause states that it is An Act to repeal the Gulf Oil Company Training Fund (Administration) Act of 1964 In Nigeria and to establish the Petroleum Technology development Fund for the purposes of training and education of Nigerians in the Petroleum Industry to further improve the local hands in the various Petroleum Fields In the country.

Functions Of Petroleum Technology Development Fund In Nigeria

The functions and major objectives of Petroleum Technology Development Fund is been analyzed below.

  • To Provide Scholarships as well as Bursaries, wholly or partially in Universities, Colleges, Institutions and in petroleum undertakings to students within the region.
  • To maintain, supplement, or subsidize such training or education as mentioned above.
  • To provide suitable facilities to the faculties in Nigerian Universities, Colleges or Institutions.
  • To make available suitable books and training equipment in the institutions aforesaid;
  • To sponsor regular or as necessary visits to oil fields, refineries, petro-chemical plants, and for arranging any necessary attachments of personnel to establishments connected with the development of the petroleum industry; and
  • One of its major function is also to finance and participate in seminars and conferences which are connected with the petroleum industry in Nigeria or outside the shores of the country.


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How To Apply For PTDF Scholarship In Nigeria

Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship is an annual exercise by the commission to encourage students with the ambitions of progressing academically in all higher institution of learning across the country as well as Universities Abroad.

To apply kindly follow the steps below.


Step1. Click on this link.

Step2. On the Landing Page, kindly read through all the requirements and criteria to know if you are qualified for the intended course.

Step3. On the page you would have to enter a login PIN. For new applicants, kindly Click on the Purchase PIN button to buy one. (Please note that the Fee for all Program is N1,016).

Step4. Now you can go back to the login page and enter your PIN and proceed to the registration page.

Step5. Complete the online registration form and submit.


For further information or enquiries Please contact through any of the information below.

Address: 2 Memorial Close, Central Business District, Abuja.

Mobile: +234-9-291595





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