All You Need To Know About MTN Share And Sell (Airtime and Data)

Airtime transfer allows you to is send airtime/credit from your account to other mtn customers’ account by following these steps

  1. Change default pin from 0000 to a new pin by sending a text to 777 e.g Send default pin(0000) new pin(5678) new pin(5678) to 777.
  2. Upon confirmation of new pin chaneg,you can begin transferring of airtime in naira anounts only.You can tranfer from #50-#5000 in a single transfer and even transfer up to #10,000 in a single day

3.Note all transactiond attracts a nominal fee dependent on yhe value of the transaction.This transfer fee will only be deducted upon confirmation to continue fron the customer and customer will be notified abiut the exact fee to be deducted anytime a share and sell transaction is initiated.



Data Transfer Procedures And Processes

Data transfer allows you to transfer and share data with beneficiaries or even sell (MTN SME Data Share).Follow these steps:

  1. Register for MTN data share by texting Reg to 131 or dial *131*2*1#.You will receive a unique security pin which you have to change to a new pin by texting Default pin(0000)new pin(5678) new pin(5678) to 131 or dial *131*2*5#
  2. After changing pin,add beneficiaries to your shared data bundle by texting “Add recipient’ s no,08055371854,pin (5678) to 131 or dial *131*2*2#.You can add up to 5 beneficiaries.
  3. After adding beneficiaries you will be able to share your available data by texting the keyword “Share pin(5678)to 131 or dial USSD code *131*2*3#.


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  1. To change pin,dial *600*default pin 0000*new pin 5678*new pin 5678# then click send

2.Sms method text “Default pin 0000,new pin 5678,new pin 5678 to 777.

  1. To transfer airtime ,dial *600*recipient no 08055371854*amount, 2000*pin 5678# then click send
  2. Via Sms text “Transfer recipient no 08055371854,amount 2000,pin 5678 to 777.
  3. To reset pin if forgotten, text ‘YES’ and send to 556
  4. Wait ti receive the default pin which you then change to a new pin by texting Default pin 0000,new pin 5678,new pin 5678# to 556 or dial *131*2*5#
  5. Share data by texting Reg to 131 or dial *131*2*1#.You will receive a message with your default pin (0000) which you change to a new pin by dialing *131*2*5# or sms ” change default pin 0000,new pin 5678,new pin 5678 to 131
  6. Add beneficiaries by dialling *131*2*2# or send “Add recipient’s no 08055371854 to 131.
  7. To continue to use this service dial *131*2*3#
  8. MTN SME Data share: This is developed for business purpose.First migrate to SME Plus tariff plan by dialing *460# or send 460 to 131.Buy and share data by dialing *461#


Benefits Of MTN Share And Sell

  1. Lets you transfer airtime and data from your MTN no to other MTN nos quickly and easily.
  2. Transfers are always secure because the pin is known only by you.
  3. You can transfer from #50-#5000 in a single transfer and also transfer up to #10,000 from your phone to one or more MTN nos in a day.
  4. Old and new prepaid and postpaid customers can use this service
  5. Allows you to sell data and even be a data or airtime vendor

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