Delta State University: Course Registration, School Fees And How To Check Result Online

The Delta State University is a Nigerian state university that grew out of Teacher’s training college of the colonial era. It became university following the creation of Edo and Delta states in August, 1991. This is because the Government Teachers’ Training College was affiliated to the University of Benin, Benin City prior to the creation of states. So, on the 30th April, 1992 Delta State University evolved. Initially, it started with five faculties that later increased. It is fondly called DELSU.


Delta State University has three campuses which are Abraka Campus, Anwai-Asaba Campus and Oleh Campus. It was originally one campus but in 1995, the idea of three campuses was introduced to cover the three senatorial districts in the State. The main campus of the institution still remains the Abraka campus. The institution has 11 faculties or colleges scattered across the campuses with over 50 courses. The institution offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The faculties or colleges can be seen below with the faculty distribution:


Faculties In Abraka Campus

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of the Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Sciences

College of Basic Medical Science.


Oleh Campus

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Engineering


Anwai Asaba Campus

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Environmental Studies

Faculty of Management Sciences.

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Course Registration

To carry out course registration on the university website, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to the university website portal
  2. At the upper right hand side, login with your user ID and password.
  3. Navigate to the course registration menu and click on new course registration
  4. Select academic session and semester.
  5. Next is to select the courses and check the courses to confirm them
  6. You may then submit the course form. Endeavour to print the course form. It will be needed at your department.


School Fees

At the moment the school fees of returning students in Delta State University is between N80,000 to N96,000 while fresh students pay between N115,000 and N185,000. This is largely dependent on the course of study. Please note that school fees are subject to change at any point in time as the management of the institution deem it fit.


How To Check Result Online

Please find below steps to take to check your results online as a Delta State university student:

  1. Log on to the university website portal
  2. At the upper right hand side, login with your user ID and password.
  3. Navigate and click on Results
  4. Select the academic session and semester you want to view the results. Hit the enter button.
  5. What you will have next is the results displayed to you.

In the case where the results are not ready, you will be advised to check back. Please note that the number of results you see online is subject to the number uploaded.


For enquiry, you may forward an email to any of these email addresses,, and

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