Drivers License: How To Apply As A New Applicant And The Renewal Processes

The driver’s license is a government issued permit that allows anyone to legally drive a car or vehicle. This also certifies that the holder has been trained and is competent to drive on the road. The driver’s license is issued to only matured minds, that is at least eighteen years of age. The driver’s license also serves as a valid means of identification for its holder and it can be used for official documentation and in registration procedures especially in banks.


Before now, one could apply for a driver’s license in person at any federal road safety commission (FRSC) office nationwide. This will be done after you must have passed the driving test in their office. The process of application and renewal of driver’s license have changed a great deal. It is to be noted that driving around on Nigeria roads without driver’s license will definitely get you into troubled water with vehicle inspection officer if caught. Why not learn the application procedure and get yours.


How To Apply For Driver’s License

Before setting out to apply for driver’s license, its best to first determine which one of two available you want to apply for. There is one that is valid for 3 years and the other is for 5 years. The former’s application fee is N6,350 while the later is N10,450. This means you have a choice to make. Please note that if you are required to possess a proficiency certificate in driving from a recognized driving school. Also you will be required to pass a driving test before the vehicle inspection officer (VIO). After these steps, you may now begin your driver’s license application process as indicated below.


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  1. Log on to to apply online or simply walk into any Driver’s License Center to apply in person.
  2. Pay the license fee online and print payment prove or pay at the bank.
  3. Present the payment prove and other printed application forms to vehicle inspection officer at the Driver’s License Center for endorsement.
  4. At the Driver’s License Center, proceed to federal road safety commission officer for Biometric data capturing.
  5. Next is to obtain a temporary driver’s license which is valid for 60 days.
  6. Finally, pick up the driver’s license at the board of internal revenue office after 60 days.


How To Renew Driver’s License

For driver’s license renewal, you may either do it online or at Driver’s License Center. The steps above for application of new driver’s license is the same with the renewal procedures. The only steps left out is the test phase. You must have done this at the initial application phase. The card maybe ready even before 60 days.


For further enquiry, you may visit any federal road safety commission (FRSC) office close to you or simply call any of these mobile numbers 08092045111, 08092046111, 08092047111, 08092048111 or check out your State Chief Road Traffic Officer’s contact here


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  1. pls my name is timothy from edo state i have paid for driver license since july now is 6 months and i have not benin giving pls what will i do to get it.


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