Esut Portal: How To Register Courses And Check Every Semester Result

Enugu State University of Science and Technology is one of the state owned and managed university in Nigeria. It was founded in 1980. The institution is otherwise called ESUT by all and has two campuses namely Agbani and Enugu campuses. The motto of the institution is “technology for service”, I believe that already speaks volume of its academic pursuit.


The institution has several courses offered on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It also houses nine faculties under which its academic programmes are scattered. These include Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Agricultural and Natural Resources Management, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


For the courses available in the institution, you may check the school website and see the courses in each faculty with their requirements. In this piece, our focus is on the students portal activities. We are looking into online course registration procedures and how to check results online.



List Of Courses And Departments in ESUT

Accountancy / Accounting

Adult Education

Agricultural Economics and Extension

Agricultural Economics and Farm Management

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Science and Education



Animal Science and Fisheries Management

Applied Microbiology

Applied Biochemistry


Banking and Finance (Admin)



Building Technology

Business Administration

Business Management

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Cooperative and Rural Development



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Education and Biology

Education and Chemistry

Education and Mathematics

Educational Administration and Supervision

Educational Foundation

Educational Management

Electrical / Electronic Engineering

Estate Management

Food Science and Technology

Geography and Meteorology

Geology and minning

Guidance and Counseling

Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Mathematics / Applied Statistics

Industrial Physics

Information Resource Management

Insurance and Risk Management

Land Survey



Mass Communication

Mathematics And Statistics

Mechanical and Production Engineering

Medicine and Surgery

Metallurgical and Material Engineering


Physical and Health Education

Political Science


Quantity Surveying

Sociology and Anthropology

Surveying and Geo-Informatics

Technology and Vocational Education

Urban and Regional Planning

Vocational and Technical Education

How To Register Courses Online

This is an important step for all students but you will have to pay your school fees first. If you must accept your admission or continue to be a student of the institution, you need to pay your fees which will open the course registration for you. Begin by knowing the amount you are expected to pay. Simply log on to the institution website, then navigate to the undergraduate and click on school fees to the see the amount you are expected to pay. After paying your fees, you may now proceed to course registration. Try as much as possible to know courses to register before you go online.  Here are the steps for course registration.

  1. Log on to the institution website,
  2. At the left upper corner, click on university portal
  3. Navigate and click on login under regular students
  4. Input your login details and login.
  5. Navigate and click on course registration tab
  6. Next is to select register courses from the menu
  7. Next is to select the session and semester
  8. Then select each course and when you are done, verify and submit
  9. Endeavour to print the course forms for further registration in your department.



How To Check Results Online

After each semester, you may check your academic results online once the results have been released and uploaded. Here are steps to check your results online;

  1. Log on to the institution website,
  2. At the left upper corner, click on university portal
  3. Navigate and click on login under regular students
  4. Input your login details and login.
  5. Navigate and click on the results tab
  6. Select the session and semester results you want to check and submit.

It will load and bring a new page displaying your results. You may print if you desire to keep a copy.

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