Fidelity Bank Internet Banking: How To Register And Make Transactions Online

In this review we would be taking a look at Fidelity Bank Internet Banking Platform as we are also going to show us how it gives you free, safe and secure privilege to all your Fidelity Bank accounts any time of the day or night, all round the year. The Online Banking Platform gives you to do your banking when it’s convenient for you, wherever you are. Below are the modules and available on the Fidelity Internet Banking Platform. In this post, we have carefully taken out time to briefly analyzed the Fidelity Internet Banking Platform and how we  as customers can begin to tap into all its benefits and functionalities.


Functionalities On The Fidelity Internet Banking Platform

  • Check account balance on the go
  • View account activity
  • Review account history
  • Transfer funds between accounts internally and externally
  • Initiate stop payments
  • Make loan payments
  • Schedule recurring transfers between accounts


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How To Register And Perform Online Transactions With Fidelity Bank

Please follow the step by step procedure below to register and and also perform transactions on the platform with less stress. From my experience with the platform, if the procedures are followed as described below, i can assure you of a hitch free experience on the platform.


Step1. Lunch this Url on your Mobile Or Web Browser

Step2. Login With your Username and Password or for New User click register on the same link above.

Step3. Once you are logged in, On the menu bar click on transaction to select the form of transaction you wish to perform.

Step4. Other Steps to complete transactions are direct and simple to execute if carefully followed.


How To Reset Forgot Password On The Fidelity Internet Banking Platform

Follow the steps below to reset your password in case you perceive some manipulation or any form of irregularities or you can no longer remember your password.


Step1. Click On this link

Step2. Once opened, put in your UserId and Click On continue.

Step3. If successful, an email or sms will be sent to you for further authentication to be sure you are the real account owner.

Step4. This SMS/Email would contain an Authentication code which would be used to change the password to a new password.

Step5. Once this code is entered, you would also enter a new password and submit.

Step6. You can now login with the new password.


Please feel free to drop your Comments/Questions if you have any for us during the course of executing what we have describe above or any of our articles and we will be glad to assist you as quickly as we can.

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  1. Is the UsersName of The email Account ..or Is It The Real Name known by The Bank?
    I did put my Account Name. Its Shows Ero ..then I used my Email Users name .still it refused to accept it.
    Please Direct Me Properly. Thanks. Ogolo Joshua D.

  2. initially I didn’t include my email address when I was opening this saving account.

  3. initially I didn’t use my email address,when I opening this saving account.


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