How To Obtain Zedvance Loans, Requirements And Repayment Plans With Interest

It is very correct that in everyday life in Nigeria we all need money, and most times getting it isn’t easy. Do you really money to solve an urgent problem? Or you need money to expand that business of yours? Then getting a loan from a reputable loan servicing company would go a very long way in solving your issues and getting those worry creases off your face.

Currently, when you think of loan servicing company in Nigeria today, one name that sparks in people head is Zedvance Limited, a customer financing agency bound to the policy of giving customer credit to their selected market in the most business-like manner using the best implementations. However, all this with little or no trouble and efforts to their patrons.

Below Are All You Need To Know To Qualify You To Get A Loan From Zedvance.

To be qualified:

  • You must possess a regular source of income and livelihood (paid employment).
  • You must fall within the ages of 22 and 55 years.
  • You must have a functional salary account
  • You must own a pension account.

Here Are The Requirement To Get A Loan

  • You need a passport photograph
  • You need a valid means of identification (could be your drivers license, a national identity card, a permanent voters card or an international passport).
  • You must provide 6 months of your bank account statement filled by you, which would be properly validated and printed out by your bank through one of our representatives.
  • Provide an employee identity card
  • You need a letter of employment and a Tax ID or a pension statement.
  • You must give a direct debit mandate or NUBAN cheques
  • You must provide a guarantor who is a permanent staff of your organization (for an outsourced or unconfirmed employee)

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How To Apply For Loan

  • To get loan, visit their office situated at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde street, Victoria island or login at
  • After which, fill in the appropriate boxes for email, mobile number linked with your BVN, your BVN, date of birth and password.
  • Then submit.

Here Is Their Interest Rates

The Zedvance loan services applies a risk-based pricing in determining repayment on loans. Example, if you borrow #50,000 which is to be repaid in 6months, which require a monthly repayment of #10,283.33 which sums to #61,699.98. However, when paying back the same amount in 3months would require a monthly repayment of #18,616.67 which will total #55,850.01. This simply mean that repayments are done and calculated according to how much risk that is involved.

Note that loans can be repaid with either cheques or direct debit mandate. And also payments can be made in any of the zedvance account details listed on their site. Note that part payment on loans are not allowed as loan payment dates are fixed and agreed upon before loan are disbursed. Sometimes a change in payment date can be obtained depending on your cash flow.

It is important to note that no loan repayment should be made to any  Zedvance’s  representative’s personal account, whether they are connected to zedvance limited or not.

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