Flutterwave is a company with the aim of simplifying payments for endless possibilities. Flutterwave is the easiest way to make and accept payments from customers in all parts of the world. It promotes business growth. It was founded in the year 2016 and has since enabled businesses, all around the globe build customized payment applications both big and small businesses.

Flutterwave helps create seamless payment experiences for your customers.

Accept payments anywhere in the world; online, in-person etc.

Helps promote sales online with an ecommerce website, mobile application etc.

Helps in-person sales with the use of POS (Point Of Sale) at your store Locations.

Allows you to reach more people with the wide range of payment options with little to no effort. Boundaries become non existent.

Here’s How To Set Up A Flutterwave Account

Setting up a flutterwave account is seamless and boarder line easy, you’ll have your business running in minutes.

Step 1: Create or Login to your flutterwave account . Click on the Individual, Business or NGO account as applicable and fill in your details accordingly.

Step 2:  To create a store: Go to store to create your store, add your products and specifications ( add images )

Step 3: You are all set to start your online business. Add your flutterwave link to your social media channels for immediate sales.

Other steps:

Step 4: For currency rates; flutterwave makes you feel confident about what you charge your customers. You can use default rates .

Step 5: . For Bank details; it is advisable to add your bank account details. It allows you to receive your funds straight into your bank account. You can, however, skip this step  and move straight to the dashboard.

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Flutterwave Payments

Flutterwave Pay along sides, Bank Transfer is only available to Nigerian merchants and  still hasn’t been selected by the majority of our merchants (and this is because it takes a while for people to accept new payment and business methods).

Its real measure of success is in its  success rate of 100% on almost all transactions. success rate not on some, not on many or most but on ALL Flutterwave Pay with Bank Transfer payment method transactions.

Yes, you heard  right, almost 100% on ALL transactions.

You must be wondering, how did flutterwave achieve that ?

It was made possible by creating a system that allows  merchants to take advantage of a payment method that their customers are used to and love to use.

It’s as simple as that. No new payment methods, just the same old method with a new twist of technology to it. Exciting right?

Safety Of The Flutterwave Store

Most times, the question is flutterwave safe is commonly asked by merchants,

The answer to that question is Yes.

Flutterwavee store provides a secure platform which enables merchants to sell online and prevents them from being scammed. The Flutterwave store operates on a very tight  security level  which is  equivalent to Bank-level. As a result, your money is as secured with Flutterwave as it is in every other bank out there.

Use flutterwave for your business both online and in-person and reach customers from different parts of the globe in seconds.

Seamless and easy.


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