Kenya Airways: How To Book Flight And Make Payment Online Step By Step Processes

Kenya Airways is one of the African Airways with a difference and probably the best among its peers. It is often regarded as the pride of Africa with lots of destinations across the globe. It was founded in 1977 and has grown since then and still expanding.


The Kenya airways is well known for its hygiene practices and a customer satisfaction focused service offered by a team of friendly and professional staff. Integrity and customer satisfaction are two values held in high esteem in all her services. This has distinguished the airline among her counterparts.


In a bid to improve customer service experience and in accordance with best practice across the globe, Kenya Airways created an online flight booking and payment platform. In this piece, we shall take a good look at how book for flight and make payment online. If this is your search, take your time to read through.

How To Book A Flight Online

To book a flight online, here are the steps to follow;

  1. Log on to the official website of Kenya Airways,
  2. Navigate and click on book a flight
  3. On the next page, select the flight option whether return or one way
  4. On the same page, input your location of departure, destination, departure date and return date.
  5. Next is to select the number of adults, children, infants and youth.
  6. Lastly, select between the business class or economic class after which you will click on book now.


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How To Make Payment For Flight

Once you complete the online booking form and you hit the book now button, you will be taken to a payment page where you will be able to make online payment for the flight.

There are three (3) online payment solutions from which you may choose anyone of your choice. These options include;


  1. PayPal Payment Option

If you have a verified PayPal account with sufficient fund in it, you can use it to make your flight payment at the Kenya Airways. Once the amount has been deducted, an e-ticket will be sent to you via email within one (1) hour.


  1. Ingenico Online Payment Option

This is a financial organization trusted and accredited by the Kenya Airways to be a mode of online flight payment option. Once you transfer fund or make payment for your flight via the Ingenico payment option, ticket will be forwarded to you instantly.


  1. Credit Card Payment Option

This is perhaps the commonest and most used payment method. It just involves inputting your ATM card details and then verifying the payment with your PIN. At the completion of the payment, you will get your e-ticket sent to you via email within one (1) hour.


With the above information, you can now book and make payment for your flight online. For further enquiry, you may forward an enquiry email to or visit their office in Nigeria at Kenya Airways Ltd, First Floor UBA House 22B, Idowu Taylor Street Victoria Island, Lagos

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