Roofing Sheets: The Cost Of Various Types Of Roofing Sheet In Nigeria

Do you want Original Stone Coated Roofing Sheets or Tiles that will not fade or Rust?
Do you need quality stone coated tiles that will last for 50 years without rusting fade etc?

First of all what you’re looking for is the best and not imitation, you want stone coated roofing tiles that will give your home an edge among others around. It is very sad when you have spent a huge fortune on roofing your building and after 1 or 2 years you see it rusting or fading off. You will definitely not be happy after investing so much in roofing that building. This is why you must be very vigilant when making your choice as to which roofing sheet to go for that will give you good value for your money.

In this article we have studied carefully most of the various types of roofing sheet out there and we have come up with analysis on each of them from their prices, quality and most importantly durability. Going with the trend, Stone Coated Roofing Tiles seems to be the latest in town with a longer life span. It is said to have a life span of 50years without rusting, fading off or cracking. Most user have also confirmed based on experience, the claim that the Stone Coated Roofing Tiles is sound proof.

Types Of Roofing Sheet And Their Values In The Market

Price List For Stone Coated Step Tiles Roofing Sheet

0.45 thickness 2,000 naira grade B

0.55 thicknesses by D.s tile Korea batlan brand –N3,500 with 50years warranty (manufacturer name boldly stamped on it for confirmation) grade A.

Shingle tile by D.s tile Korea batlan brand- N3,900 with 50 years warranty (manufacturer name boldly stamped on it for confirmation) grade A

0.45 shingle tiles- 3,100 naira for grade A.

Shake tile – 3,500 naira for grade B.

Roman tile two colors-3,700 naira for grade A.



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ACCESSORIES Of Roofing Material


Ridge cap-2,500 naira

B.B.C-2,600 naira

Valley gutter(coated)-2,750 naira

Side cap-2,600 naira

Facial board-2,400 naira

Treated nails -2,100naira

Repair kit-6500 naira

Installation by certified installer- 700 naira msq



Prices For Aluminium Roofing Sheets (per square metre)

For 0.45mm Aluminium Roofing sheets- 2,500 Naira /sqm
For 0.55mm Aluminium Roofing sheets Longspan- 2,500 Naira / sqm

For Aluminium Step Tile Roofing Sheets

For 0.45 mm Aluminium Step Tile Roofing Sheets – 2250 Naira per square metre
for 0.55mm Aluminium Step Tile Roofing Sheets (longspan) – 2400 Naira /sqm




Fibre britment roofing sheets cost 2,700 naira per square metre.

Fibre britment step-tile roofing sheets f cost 3,500 naira per square metre.



More Latest Prices

Type Of Roofing Material Market Price
Original Stone Coated Roof Tile ₦2,900
Metrocopo Roofing Sheet ₦1,950
Aluminium Roofing Sheets ₦1,100
Tilcor Roofing Tiles From New Zealand ₦5,000
 Docherich Roofing Newzealland Quality Spec ₦3,100


High Quality Stone Coated Roofing Tiles ₦2,000


Sunrise 0.55 Stone Coated Roofing Sheet And Tiles ₦3,100


Please Note: Prices Of all Products are subject to change.

Please click on the link below for more information as regards latest pricing in the Market.



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