In this review we would be looking at  Mouka Foam as we know In 1959 The Moukarim family came to Nigeria in 1935 after a stint in Republic of Benin, and started trade in groundnut in the Northern part of Nigeria, with a base in the then Majia  today known as Jigawa state. Moukarim Metalwood factory Limited started in 1959, the precursor of Mouka Limited, was started off by the scion of the Moukarim Family in Kano as manufacturers of high quality beds and furniture. Their major client was the government of the Northern region who partnered with the company to supply schools and government establishments with beds and furniture.

Soon after the civil war in 1972, lots of different personal considerations were drawn to the bedding trade leading to the requirement to strategically reposition the corporate to undertake a backward integration to become suppliers of raw materials to the same Industry. This vision junction rectifier the 2 eldest – Messrs Essam and Bashir (Late) Moukarim to determine the froth producing manufactory in Lagos Nigeria. This plant grew to become the most important single continuous foam producing manufactory in continent and therefore the geographic area. Mid -east, Near east, and Eastern Europe to go with Montreal protocol.

We have carefully reviewed the prices of various mouka foam brands and also listed their prices based on present prices in the market which we know is subject to change based on the changes in the economy.

List Of Mouka Foam Sizes And Their Latest Prices

Baby Mattress
Mouka Super Mondeo
Mouka Sunrise
Mouka Legend
Mouka Regina
Mouka Exquisite
Mouka Flora
Mouka Mondeo
Royal spring (hard)
Mouka Hospital
Royal spring (soft)
Luxury Fiber Pillow
Mouka Pillow
Super Pillow
Mouka REGINA (6 ft by 6 ft by 12 inches)
Mouka MONDEO (6ft by 6ft by 12inches)
EXQUISITE (6ft by 4.5ft by 12 inches)
EXQUISITE (6ft by 4.5ft by 10 inches)
EXQUISITE (6ft by 6ft by 8 inches)
EXQUISITE (6ft by 6ft by 10 inches)
EXQUISITE (6ft by 6ft by 12 inches)
CAMP MAT (4.5ft by 1 inch)
Mouka REGAL (6 ft by 7 ft by 8 inches)
Mouka MONDEO (6ft by 6ft by 12 inches)
Mouka MONDEO (6 ft by 4.5 ft by 12 inch)
MOUKA Foldy 75X30X6(Damask)
Mouka SPRING Soft (6 ft by 6 ft by 8 inc)
Mouka Legend (6ft by 7ft by 12 inches)
LEGEND (6ft by 4.5ft by 10 inches)


Please note that the prices listed above is the most recent we just updated as at march 2017. This would however be updated as prices changes in the market.

Mouka Foam Factories And Offices In Nigeria

Mouka Foam Head Office(Lagos)

Plot ‘M’ Awosika Avenue,

Ikeja Industrial Estate,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone: 08104000900, 08104000100

Saturdays orders:

Business Hours

  • MONDAY :8am to 5pm
  • TUESDAY :8am to 5pm
  • WEDNESDAY :8am to 5pm
  • THURSDAY :8am to 5pm
  • FRIDAY :8am to 5pm

Mouka Foam Benin Office

Km 12, Benin-Lagos Express road,

by Okhun road, Benin City,

Edo State, Nigeria.

Phone: +234 (052) 875186.

Business Hours

  • MONDAY :8am to 5pm
  • TUESDAY :8am to 5pm
  • WEDNESDAY :8am to 5pm
  • THURSDAY :8am to 5pm
  • FRIDAY :8am to 5pm

Mouka Foam Kaduna Depot

Kaduna Depot

14/15 Junction/Nasakawa rd.

Kad. South

Phone: 08038171841

Business Hours

  • MONDAY :8am to 5pm
  • TUESDAY :8am to 5pm
  • WEDNESDAY :8am to 5pm
  • THURSDAY :8am to 5pm
  • FRIDAY :8am to 5pm

Mouka Foam Abuja Branches

Plot 80 Aminu Kano Wuse 2 Abuja 07060936194

Plot 289, Lagos Crescent Garki Abuja, 08032031973.

Please note that Prices of all products are subject to change and review.



  1. I wish to know when the next promo on mattress swap is coming up

  2. Am in IMO state and I want to buy original mouka foam

  3. I bought mouka legend not quite long but it is not original because it is too soft that even two cannot sleep comfortably please go and improve on your products go back to then mouka for people to enjoy their money value

  4. Pls ao much is mouka floral for 14 inches 4ft

    1. Hi Saheed,
      Kindly call one of the phone numbers in the post above for the most recent price list or visit the closest dealer outlet.

  5. been calling this line(08104000900) and no one is picking up. i need to know the new prices of your products.

  6. Pls hw do I view 4×6 20inchs mouka foam I need it from Port Harcourt Rivers State

  7. Mouka foam 4×6 (20inches) from Port Harcourt Rivers State. 08059150788

    1. Hi Chika,
      Please call the closest store to you for further information.

  8. Pls can I get 3.5 by 14″ and how much will it cost me

  9. I need the blue mouka baby mattress. How soon can I get it?

    1. Please call the nearest office to your for proper direction on your request.

  10. What is. the current. price of mouka orthopaedic mattress

  11. what is the new price of Family size 7 by 6 mouka foam

    1. Pls call or visit the nearest dealer for the price.

  12. Please I need original mouka Flora 4ft by 6ft by 12” size this is very urgent, how can I get it and the price it goes for. Like I said most urgent pls.

    1. Hi Adeniyi,
      Kindly look at the list of distributor outlets above.


  13. i can’t find the one i requested, is it possible for to visit your factory at Ikeja to make an order?

    48x72x12” Flora model

    1. Sure you can

  14. Your customer service personnels at your ikeja office are the worst. Maybe bcos their salary is guaranteed, their head, a woman, insult customers at the slightest provocation.

  15. Am in onitsha,how do I get your depot.

    1. Hi Favour,
      Please call the head office to find out.

  16. Please send me the address and phone contact of your Mouka Foam Distributor at Ibadan, Oyo State. We need some mattresses and pillows. Thank you.

  17. Pls the kaduna number is off… is there another means of reaching them?

    1. Sorry about that. You can another closer outlet.

  18. do you have any Depot in ibadan, if yes, address and phone number to call pls,

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  20. Any mouka foam distributor in kwara State ilorin precisely

  21. Any Mouka distribution in Abakaliki Ebonyi State.
    Meanwhile how I place special order. I need 8ft by 7ft foam.

  22. Yes, I bought a Mouka Legend too from a major distributor opposite Olumegbon Plalace on Ajah/Ado Road. When It collapsed in less than four months and I complained to the …. trader who sold it to me, rather than speak as a business man, he retorted – if you are not an illiterate, don’t you know that anything you have bought will go down!” When I asked “even in three months?” He slammed the phone. I felt cheated and humiliated. But, I blamed Mouka for the mess, its choice of distributors who careless about pulling down its brand name, once they have made one single sale!

  23. Can I make individual purchase of a super mondeo (84″×84″×10″directly from the factory head office ?

    1. Hi Lara,
      Please call The closest Office to you for further advise.

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  26. please I how much is 6 by 6 24inches and 6 by12 16inches

  27. A new magazine titled Good work habit asks for advert negotiation with you it’s based in port Harcourt Please indicate if interested so a copy can be sent to you for your review

    1. Kindly let us know how we can come in.

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