10 Questions And Answers You Want To Ask Linda Ikeji

About Linda Ikeji Blog

In life dedication and passion with a little mix of good fortune you’re most likely to have a success story. LindaIkeji started blogging  in 2007 to share things that she was interested in with her readers. In Five years, http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/ had grown to be one of Nigeria most visited sites. As a frequent location for news, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and many more, her site continues to attract thousands of visitors daily.

Not many people has an open mind and down to earth like Linda Ikeji. Most constant visitors of her blog would testify. Linda has very little to hide and she is not the least bit pretentious. What you see with her is what you get and a frequent visitor of her blog knows that she is still single but not sure she is still searching. The fact remains that she makes an enviable income from her blog and saved money to buy her dream car- a 2008 Toyota Camry from her income in four months.

The reputation she has earned today is as a result of being open to everyone regardless of their reputation and status Linda treats everybody equally. This arguably brought about her clever and quick way of bringing people news, information, jokes, pictures and many more from around the world on her site which has earned her the reputation as one of Nigeria’s favorite bloggers. Her blog gets well over 100,000 visits daily and is a hotspot for online advertisers and people wishing to attract web traffic to their websites.

10 Questions And Answers You Want To Ask Linda Ikeji

  1. How Old Is Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji is 35 Years Old.

  1. How Linda Ikeji Discover Blogging

Her passion for writing started when she was just 10 years old, she wanted to be a journalist. lindaikejiThat was her dream. She wrote a few fiction stories in her notebooks and gave a few people to seek their recommendation and after reading she got very positive feedback. She used to really enjoy watching newscasters, people doing interviews. The passion for writing at that early age gave her the assurance that she could become a go journalist. So she put in for Mass communication in the University but she was eventually given English

  1. What Really Inspired Linda Ikeji To Start Your Own Blog?

  Lida’s passion for writing inspired her to start blogging. She reads different foreign blogs which actually gave her the confidence that she could actually make a living from writing.She realized she can actually live my dream, put couple of stories together, tell people what is going on, so she created the blog 2006 but really started blogging early 2007.

  1. What University did Linda Ikeja attend and what she did after graduating?

She attended University Of Lagos and graduated in in 2004. Linda started her own company after graduation. Blackdove Communications a modeling agency and Event Management Company.

  1. What was the traffic on her blog like when she started in 2007?

Considering the level of adoption by Nigerians, the traffic on her site was very low. She gets about 200 visits on her site daily, which then was a great deal for her. This however did not discourage as she grew over time as the adoption grows in the country.

  1. When Was The First Time Linda Ikeji Made Money From Her Blog?

Linda Ikeji Blog monetary reward from the blog was in 2011, this was after 4 years of relentless post and articles on her blog.lindaikeji1 The lack of reward after years of putting in her time and her resources did not discourage her from achieving her eventual goal.

  1. Where Does Linda Ikeji Source For News?

Her answer to this question was very brief. “Everywhere”. LOLZZZ…..

  1. Can Linda date someone younger than her?

Younger men seems not to wet her appetite. Her response was straight and precise.

“NO. NEVER!!!!”.

  1. Can Linda Date someone who doesn’t earn as much money as she earns?

Why not. Linda Ikeji can date a guy that doesn’t earn as much as she earns. It is a clear fact that not many young guys can match her earning class in the country. With her growing business and revenue, if she decides to wait for a richer guy, the wait might be a little unrealistic.

  1. How Much Does Linda Ikeji Earn monthly?

Obviously more than what she ever envisaged.

LindaIkejiBlog definitely puts a different definition to media journalism in Nigeria with her achievements and her vision which totally change the game in the industry. The lime light and attention she has got over the years has encouraged many young people around the world. Her achievement is a clear indication that patience pays in a long run.

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