Best Accredited Online University With Low Tuition Fees And All The Requirements

Finding an accredited online universities with low tuition fees can be tricky, that’s why when searching for the right institution, student often check variety of factors which affordability happens to be the most vital of them all.

Here, we present to you the best accredited online universities with affordable tuition fees which also provides financial aid options, more programs and all the necessary services for their online students.


  1. Brigham Young University – Idaho

This institution is owned by church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, located in Rexburg Idaho, a non for profit university educating over 17, 500 students. Brigham Young University offers 6 associate degrees, 13 Bachelor degrees at a much reduced tuition fee. Most of the well-known online programs includes supply chain and operation management, degree in business management entrepreneurship and many more with tuition fee at $3, 830.


  1. Murray State University

This university is one of the most credible and affordable institution which offers diverse academic programs through 6 colleges and schools, which include Environmental Geology, Agronomy, Engineering Systems, Technology, Agricultural System, philosophy and applied Ethics, and many more. Some of the programs are been taught at both graduate and undergraduate level with the online student not excluded also. The cost of tuition varies from program to program with an average tuition fees ranging from $4,000 to $7, 000.


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  1. Great Basic College

This college is a state funded institution that happens to be part of the Nevada system of higher education and is been accredited by the NWCCU, which extends education to over 3, 400 student. The college offers 8 bachelor’s degree, 13 associate degree and over 10 certification program which are done online for student worldwide with tuition fees very affordable at $2, 800.


  1. Chadron State College

This institution is a co-educational college which was founded since 1911 and has educated over 3,500 students both on-campus and online. This college was rank 96th best online college in America, with tuition fees very affordable at $6, 200.


  1. Northern Arizona University

This happens to be one of the most low tuition university in the US, this public institution was founded back in 1899. The school has educated more than 30, 000 students in variety of courses and has 31 students per class to make learning conducive and interesting. The school offers support in job placement after graduation, financial aids, student loans etc. The school has broad courses which Wildlife Ecology, women and Gender studies, Actuarial Science etc. the tuition fee ranges from $4, 000 to $8, 000.


  1. University of Illinois at Springfield

This university has transfer arrangement with over 160 other colleges, meaning after enrolling in the school, you can transfer to any university of your choice to complete your degree education. The institution offers over 31 bachelor degree program, 20 Master degree and one Doctoral Program.  This programs are been taught in different disciplines which includes Clinical Laboratory Science, Geographic information System, Education Leadership etc. their tuition fees is between $5, 000 to $9, 000.


  1. American Public University

This is a private online institution located in Charles town West Virginia, which is accredited by Higher Learning Commission. The American Public University is one of best American Public School that offers cheap tuition fee for both on campus    and online students, educating over 90, 000 students globally with tuition ranging from $3, 000 – 6, 500.

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