Auction export: How To Buy Tokunbo Cars From US And other Countries With Different Brands

Auction Export is an online portal created for the sales of auto. With Auction export, you will gain access to bid and buy from the American wholesale auto auctions. International buyers from all over the world are able to search, buy and export any vehicle base on their preference. After successful purchase, logistics department combines both the  in-land and oceanic transportation mode to deliver the vehicles directly to the buyer.



How To Register On Auction Export In Nigeria

For you to be able to bid or buy any car from this web based portal, you will need to pass through a number stages, registration being the first. Below are the registration guidelines;


  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate and click on register
  3. Provide all required details and submit.
  4. You will get an automated email indicating the acceptance of your registration.
  5. Exercise patience until your registration is reviewed and approved. It is important that you provide valid details while registering.

After your registration must have been approved, there is yet another stage before you can begin to bid and buy cars.


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Account Funding On Auction Export

In order for you to participate in the bid and car purchase on the portal, you are required to fund your account by a minimum of $400. If you must take part in the BidGoLive, there required minimum amount is different, its $1000.

Once you satisfy these conditions, you can begin to trade cars on the portal.

You can fund your account through bank wire transfer. You will be able to see instructions on how to do this on your profile through “Finance” section.



Buying Process

If you want to buy a particular brand or car model, you may use the search tool on the portal to find the car of your choice. You can as well bid for cars and if your bid remain the highest, then you will be able to buy the car. Whichever way, you can get cars of your choice on the portal.


Shipping Processes With Auctions Export

Once payment for the car has been confirmed, the car will be delivered to one of the exit ports in USA. You may request pictures of your car at the port. Auction export will take care of all the documentation in USA. Original title will be sent to USA Customs. It will be cleared and forwarded to you via express courier mail services such as DHL, TNT or FEDEX. You will be informed of the date of the arrival through phone call or via email. This is because you are required to possess your Identification and Original Title by the time you are receiving the car in your home port.

With these information, you can successfully trade cars via this portal. Just plan your moves, create time to strategically place your bid to buy cars of your preference. If you are an entrepreneur, this is a business opportunity. Buy cars and sell to others at a profitable price.

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