Cross Country Transport Services And Their Terminals In Nigeria And Other Africa Countries

Cross Country Transport Limited was incorporated on the 2nd of May 2001, with RC: 409063 to carry on the business of proprietors which also includes carrying of goods and passengers both in public conveyances and in private vehicles. The company commenced operations of intercity and intra-city transportations in December 2002 during the rush festive period in a massive role out with 132 fleet of vehicles.

Cross Country is a transportation company, with its Head Office located in Yaba, Lagos. The company serves more than 26 destinations in Nigeria and some neighboring West African countries. They are into the business of conveying passengers and goods in commercial and private vehicles.

Cross Country started up as a small scale commercial transportation company but now it has grown big and has international recognition. The company currently has about 500 fleets of vehicles with an average age of 8 years and they are of high capacity for efficient and effective services.

For the company’s remarkable achievement in the transportation industry, Cross Country Limited was awarded as the Best Transportation Outfit in Nigeria by the Chartered Institute of Transport, Nigeria and has since then consistently won the National Bus Operator of the Year Award along with other accolades by renowned bodies.


Cross Country Transport Terminals In Nigeria And Other West African Countries

1. Abiola Way, Abeokuta, Ogun

Address : Abiola Way, Abeokuta, Abeokuta, Ogun
Phone No : 07040914419, 07041686363,


2. Utako, Abuja, Abuja

Address : By Okoteyebo Crescent, Behind Abc Trans., Utako, Abuja., Abuja, Abuja
Phone No : 07040914405, 07041959280,


3. Other Parks, Accra, Ghana

Address : Accra, Accra, Ghana
Phone No : 233274447838,


4. Jos Road, Akwanga, Nasarawa

Address : Bush House, Jos Road, Akwanga, Akwanga, Plateau
Phone No : 07041686362,



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5. Maiduguri By Pass, Bauchi, Bauchi

Address : No 5, Maiduguri By-pass, Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi
Phone No : 08024000340,


6. Other Parks, Calabar, Cross River

Address : Rowa Shopping Complex, Opposite Stadium, Calabar., Calabar, Cross River
Phone No : 07040914407, 07041684000,


7. Other Parks, Cotonou, Republic of Benin

Address : Cotonou, Cotonou, Republic Of Benin
Phone No : 22966999241, 2299684823,


8. Other Parks, Eket, Akwa Ibom

Address : Eket,, Eket, Akwa Ibom
Phone No : 07040914409,


9. Town Planning Road, Ibadan, Oyo

Address : 4 Town Planning Road,off Ring Road, Mobile Busstop, Opp. Access Bank. Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo
Phone No : 07041686362,


10. Calabar Ikom Road, Ikom, Cross River

Address : No 1, Boarder Way, Calabar Road, Ikom, Cross River, Ikom, Cross River
Phone No : 07030447177,


11. Other Parks, Jega, Kebbi

Address : Orombo Plaza, Opposite Local Govt. Secreteriat, Jega, Kebbi, Jega, Kebbi
Phone No : 08139003953,


12. Zaria By Pass, Jos, Plateau

Address : No 5, Zaria By Pass, Sokoto, Jos, Plateau
Phone No : 07040927366,


13. Mando Park, Kaduna, Kaduna

Address : Mando Lagos Gaurage, By Airforce Base, Mando, Kaduna., Kaduna, Kaduna
Phone No : 07040914411,


14. Zaria Road, Kano, Kano

Address : Unguwa Uku, Zaria Road, Opposite Fed. Govt. College(fgc), Kano, Kano
Phone No : 07040914406,


15. Makurdi Road, Lafia, Nasarawa

Address : 18 Makurdi Road,opp. Magoda Petrol Station, Lafia, Lafia, Nasarawa
Phone No : 07035530676,


  1. // Reply

    I need to know the time the bus leaves to Kaduna,the transport fare and how I can get the ticket

    1. // Reply

      Hi Chizzy,
      Kindly call any of the park/terminal closest to you for further inquiries.

  2. // Reply

    Good day
    Please is there route to Jos, if there is please how much is night flight

    1. // Reply

      Please call the nearest terminal to you for inquiry.

  3. // Reply

    Pls is der a park here in rivers state conveying people to kano?

    1. // Reply

      Please call the closest park to you for accurate response to your request.

  4. // Reply

    I want know the price from Nigeria to Ghana, when to book, when is going ti take off day & time and how many days is going to take to arrive the destination

  5. // Reply

    Can I get cross country motor from MAKURDI to COTONO? If yes how much ??

  6. // Reply

    Do you travel from lagos to minna?

    1. // Reply

      Hi Tonia,
      Please call the closest terminus to you in Lagos for assistance.

  7. // Reply

    I want to go to Ghana,on this Thursday 26/10/2016 the transport fare,time and how to book pls.

    1. // Reply

      Hi Idowu,
      Please call the nearest terminus to you for adequate response to your ask.

  8. // Reply

    I want to travel from Ibadan to Benin republic (Cotonou), on 18 Nov, 2016. Please I want to known the price n time the bus will take off. Thanks

    1. // Reply

      Hi Stephen,
      Please visit the closest terminus to you for further assistance.

  9. // Reply

    please how much is the price of transportation from Lagos to Eket in Akwa Ibom State.
    please i want know today because i’m traveling tomorrow. Thanks

    1. // Reply

      Please call the closest terminus to you for the most recent price.

  10. // Reply

    Do I need to book ahead? Your Kaduna number is not reachable.

  11. // Reply

    From Accra to Lagos is how much

  12. // Reply

    Please you need to remove all these numbers as they are out of service and put a valid number that would be reachable

  13. // Reply

    Plsssssssssssssssss put a reachable phone number for Ibadan all these numbers are not working!!!

  14. // Reply

    Do you goto sierra leone if yes then how much

  15. // Reply

    Good day, plz is there a bus from Uyo to kastina. Thks

    1. // Reply

      Hi Bassey, kindly go to the closest park to you for proper advice on your enquiry.


  16. // Reply

    Please how much is travelling to Togo by cross country

    1. // Reply

      Please call or visit the closest Cross country Terminal to you.

  17. // Reply

    Am in Ipaja Alimosho local government of lagos state. pls tell me your closest park to my area

    1. // Reply

      Hi Joshua,
      There is a park at iyana ipaja.

  18. // Reply

    can we get sokoto and zamfara from iyana ipaja. is there any special arrangement for youth corpers

  19. // Reply

    when is the bus for sokoto leaving the one that will pass through ZAMFARA AM A CUPER AND HOW MUCH.

  20. // Reply


  21. // Reply

    Pls how much is the transport fares for bauchi and adamawa that’s from Lagos.

    1. // Reply

      Pls where is the terminal locate in Iyana ipaja

  22. // Reply

    pls hwmuch is ibadan to uyo

  23. // Reply

    Pls is there your terminal in Benin and How much from Calabar to Benin Kingdom? Thanks

    1. // Reply

      Please call the closest terminal to you for a current price.

  24. // Reply

    Good morning have been calling the numbers I saw on yaba terminal but non is available. I want to know if there’s night bus going to Accra Ghana today

  25. // Reply

    Plz i want to know if there is night bus today to ghana

    1. // Reply

      Hi Tope,
      Kindly call the closest terminal for quick response.

  26. // Reply

    yello pls can i get a bus to benin republic from Ibadan tomorrow and how much is the fare?


    1. // Reply

      Sorry for responding late. Please call or visit the closest Cross Country Terminal to you for assistance.

  27. // Reply

    Is there a bus that goes to jalingo from kaduna state?

    1. // Reply

      Hi Vero,
      Please call the closest Terminal for quick response.

  28. // Reply

    I called the Ibadan terminal, the no isn’t going through

    1. // Reply

      Same thing applicable here.And more so need the cost from Ibadan to Bauchi

      1. // Reply

        Hi Yusuf/Tolulope,
        Please call the closest Terminal to you for proper advise.

  29. // Reply

    Cross country is a very useless transportation company, there staffs are unreliable, unprofessional, careless. They almost spoil my wedding and this is the 3rd time they are frustrating me all because I decided to patronise them. I will make sure I sue them.

  30. // Reply

    I must confess that you have a very poor service. Most especially your staffs in Abeokuta are just full of lies and deceit which makes my first encounter to be a disappointing one. I hope you improve on your service.

    1. // Reply

      Hi Mr Gbenga,
      I would advise that you report to the superior officers on ground whenever you have any complain. Apology for any inconvenience coursed.

  31. // Reply

    am in ipaja alimosho lagos, i want to travel to sokoto. which of the park should i go. please.

  32. // Reply

    Please is there calabar to anambra state?

    1. // Reply

      Please call or visit the nearest terminal for further assistance.

  33. // Reply

    Pls Abeokuta need bus to convey people to warrior and it environ

  34. // Reply

    Where do I get a bus from portharxourt to Akwanga-Nassarawa state via cross country transportation

  35. // Reply

    Can i get transport from Cotonu to PortHarcourt. If yes how much?

  36. // Reply

    I haven’t tried their service before, do I can’t rate them. I will give it a try one day.

  37. // Reply

    I want to go to jos on Tuesday, can get place to drop my luggage Monday noon ad against leaving on Tuesday if yes, how much is the fare and departure time tuesday.jajjames

  38. // Reply

    I want to travel to warri on Thursday, please what time is the bus taking off

    1. // Reply

      Please which location are you?

  39. // Reply

    Pls do u have a terminal in Onitsha?

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