Fcmb Business Version: How To Register And Use For Transactions

FCMBOnline business version is a platform for small and medium scale businesses which enables them to carry out instant funds transfer within FCMB accounts and other Bank accounts. With this they can also carry out instant airtime top-up, pay bills like PHCN, DSTV, IPNX, SWIFT subscriptions, GOTV as well as Wakanow airfare. The platform also allows transfer of funds to a FlashMeCash account and foreign exchange transfers.


FCMBOnline Business version was set up for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) as well as other corporate organisations. It offers real-time solution which enables a round the clock access to their FCMB accounts. Other important features of the FCMB online version include single payment capabilities, multiple upload functions, bulk payment capability and multi user capability who can login at the same time and carry out different transactions.


Features Of FCMB Business Version

  1. It is accessible via internet enabled device
  2. It allows for multiple users with varying authorisation rights.
  3. Transactions are fast and secure.
  4. It allows for transaction orders over a period of time.
  5. Online real time account monitoring.
  6. It is also enabled with a hardware token.



Things You Can Do With FCMB Business Version

  1. Bulk payment
  2. Request management such as Cheque confirmation.
  3. Organizational report writing
  4. Statement of account printing
  5. Fund transfer
  6. Viewing of account balance
  7. Utility bill payment
  8. Merchant payment.


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Requirements For Opening FCMB Business Version


To open an FCMB Business version, you will be required to either walk into any branch of FCMB and get an application form or download it from the website and then fill the form. You are to submit the form with the following documents:


  1. Board resolution to open bank account. (For limited liability companies)
  2. Two Duly Completed signature cards.
  3. Two Passport photographs of each of the authorized signatories with their names behind.
  4. Copy of certificate of incorporation and Registration.
  5. Valid means of Identification for each signatory to the account ( National ID, Driver’s license or International passport)
  6. Utility Bill such as PHCN bill
  7. Certified true copy of Memorandum and Article of Association.
  8. Certified true copy of Form C.O.7 or C.A.C2-3 (Particulars of Directors) and form C.O.2 ( Allotment of shares)
  9. Certificate of commencement of Business (where Applicable)
  10. Copy of residence or work permit of all foreign signatories (if any)


After filling the application form, take the filled form and all other required documents with you and submit at the nearest FCMB branch close to you. The customer service will help through with the application and the opening of the FCMB business version.


For further enquiry or complaints, you may walk into any FCMB branch close to you and navigate to the customer service desk to make your intentions known or simply call 012798800. You may also send an email to


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