Funaab Hostel Fee: How To Register, Get The Hostel And Make Payment With All You Must Know

Formerly called Federal University of Technology Abeokuta then later merged with the university of Lagos before it was demerged and finally arrived as FUNAAB, the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta is a federal university located at Abeokuta, Ogun state. The university was established on January 1, 1988 by the federal government of Nigeria. FUNAAB is one of the three universities of Agriculture in Nigeria. It began academic operations at Isale-Igbein before moving to its permanent site on December 1997. The university has a total of 11 faculties and more than 70 departments.



Hostel Accommodation At Funaab And Their Current Prices

Both undergraduates and postgraduate students can apply for accommodation in any of the listed hostels.

  1. Iyalode Tinubu Female Hostel: Located at Old block and a bed-space costs N18,090 only.
  2. Iyalode Tinubu Female Hostel: This is located at New block and a bed-space costs N25,090.
  3. Marble: This is a female hostel located at old block. A bed-space costs N30,090
  4. Umat Kabir Hall: It is a male hostel located at old block. A bed-space costs N18,000
  5. Umar Kabir Hall,: this is a male hostel located at new block and a bed-space costs 25,090.


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Hostel Registration, Application And Steps

Applicants which fall into any of these categories nay be considered for hostel allocation

  1. Final year students
  2. Students who have paid their school fees in full.
  3. Students with special needs (Blind/Handicapped).
  4. Foreign or International students
  5. Indigent students.
  1. Fresh/New students
  2. Biological children of staff members.
  3. Outstanding sportsmen and women ( School representative in sports and games)
  4. Students who are executive of SUG(Student Union Government ) or halls of residence.
  5. Students with CGPA of 4.5 and above.




  1. Express your interest in applying for hostel accommodation by entering your registration/matriculation number along with your contact details on the portal then generate and print an Hostel Application Invoice. Take the invoice to any commercial bank including FUNAAB microfinance bank and pay the required fees via Remita. Note that you must have paid your school fees and registered for the session before taking this step.
  2. Log into the portal and reserve a space in any hostel of your choice depending on the available room at that time, then generate an hostel fee invoice after successfully reserving a hostel
  3. Print the invoice and take it to the bursary department (not later than 5days after reserving the space, if later than 5 days your reservation will be cancelled and you will have to make a fresh reservation)
  4. After paying the hostel fee invoice in step 1 and then taking the invoice to bursary department in step 3, a room will be automatically allocated to you. You can login to check the room and also print out the Bed space allocation form.
  5. Note that room allocation is automatic and reservation can only be made for hostels. Successful allottees should convert their bank tellers into receipts at the bursary unit and also complete any hostel registration forms at their allocated hostels.

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