Gotv Mobile Tv: How To Activate The Mobile Tv And All You Need To Know About This Device

In this review, we would be looking Gotv Mobile Tv Devices and how you can set it up for use. This new innovation From Multichoice Nigeria is a wonderful way for all customers to keep in touch and not lose tract of their important programs at all times while on the move. When you purchase a Gotv Mobile Device, you get the first 3 months free subscription.


How Do I Get The Gotv Mobile Device

You can get GOtv Mobile Devices at any Multi Choice Centre or Accredited dealers Nationwide. All you need to do is purchase a GOtv mobile device, purchase an app from the appropriate app store depend on your device app store and you are ready to start watching tv on the move with ease.


What Are The Types Of Gotv Mobile Devices In The Market

Walka 3.5i

This is a handheld television device. No other device is required to view GOtv Mobile on this device. GHS 199


Walka 7

The Walka 7 is regarded and obviously a portable TV with a 7” viewing screen providing digital visual and audio quality. GHS 294


Drifta Wifi

The Drifta is a mobile TV decoder that receives DVB-H signal from the control network station and converts it into a Wi-Fi signal for Wi-Fi enabled viewing devices: Such as laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. GHS 189


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Drifta USB

The Drifta USB is a mobile TV decoder that receives the DVB-H signal for viewing on laptops and PCs. GHS 118



The iDrifta is a mobile TV decoder that receives DVB-H signal for viewing on iOS devices. GHS 156.



How To Activate The Mobile Tv Device After Purchase

Step1. You need to make sure that the device is fully charged before you power on at all.

Step2. The next step is for you to position the antenna vertically for clear signal reception.

Step3. Send your ACTM, CASnumber, and your cellphonenumber to 4688.

Step4. Your CAS Number starts with 4 and can be located at the back of your Gotv Mobile Device.

See Example on how you send the SMS….  ACTM4123456 08033766789.



What Are The Channels I Can Watch On Gotv Mobile Device

The list of channels you can watch are listed below.

Metro TV, GTV, Africa Magic World, Africa Magic Family, Africa Magic Yoruba, BET, Sony MAX, Disney Junior, Nat Geo Wild, CNN, Channel O, Select Sports and Super Sport Blitz.



How Much Do I Pay Monthly For Subscription

For all GOtv plus subscribers you stand to get FREE subscription for GOtv mobile. However for customers Under other packages, there are fees to be paid to watch channels on the Mobile devices.


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