The health insurance scheme is a programme that covers the expense of any individual’s healthcare. It is because of the need to effectively ensure that Nigerians gets affordable healthcare services, hence the establishment of the national health insurance scheme by the federal government under Act 35 of 1999.

The nation health insurance scheme (NHIS) has three different programme which addresses varieties of health segment of Nigerians. The first one is the formal sector social health insurance which covers the federal, state, and local government, and the private sector. The second is the informal sector social health insurance which covers the community based and the voluntary contributor health insurance. The third is the vulnerable group social health insurance which covers the prison inmates, physically challenged people, refugees, immigrants, etc.

Health insurance is like every other insurance system, it is a scheme that protects the subscriber from the stress of high payment or full cost of any medical treatment.

Today, we will share with you the 10 facts you should know about the health insurance in Nigeria. Enjoy it!


Facts Number 1: the health insurance of Nigerians is being administered by the national health insurance scheme (NHIS)


Facts Number 2: the NHIS has two main categories which is the out of pocket (OOP) and the health management organization (HMO)


Facts Number 3: the health management organization (HMO) package handle all the three tiers of government (federal, state, and local) and including the private sector. The HMOs collaborated with the government to administer health care to the subscribers of NHIS


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Facts Number 4: the NHIS services includes the following:

  • NMHIP which stands for national mobile health insurance programme
  • The formal sector social health insurance which covers the public service employees and the private sector
  • VCSHIP which stands for voluntary contributor social health programme
  • The community based social health insurance programme which is meant for market people, communities, etc.
  • The tertiary social health insurance programme which is meant for Nigerian students in tertiary institutions


Facts Number 5: any person who is will to subscribe for the formal sector health insurance programme should inquire from any HMO firm so that a card can be issued after registration


Facts Number 6: the NHIS benefits includes;

  • Family planning, health education, antenatal and post natal care
  • A preventive immunization care
  • The medical consultation with specialist in paediatrics, physicians, etc.
  • A maternity care for every contributor up to four live births


Facts Number 7: for anyone to join the national health insurance scheme (NHIS), which the registration depends on some factors. For instance, parents and children will cost about N10, 000 for each person and this varies depending on the chosen programme. The government will take the responsibility of paying bulk of the bill for those people under the formal sector social health insurance programme. For those who want to enrol for VCSHIP, the price is N15, 000 and N10, 000 per person, while NMHIP will cost N9, 000 and N12, 000 per person. Note that all fee are to be renewed every year.


Facts Number 8: AGA, HYGEIA, and every other private health insurance firms are regulated by NHIS


Facts Number 9: for all those who are interested in the NMHIP should ensure they contact any NHIS branch for further direction.


Facts Number 10: the NHIS is a good health scheme which every Nigerian should embrace.


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