How To Borrow Credit From Your Glo Line And Payback With All The Benefits You Need To Know


Most times, we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot afford to recharge our mobile devices, or there are probably no vendors nearby to get the cards, and we might want to make an urgent call. Perhaps, it is even an emergency!


As we all know, the network operating companies would do anything to satisfy their customers, as a means of gaining new ones and also retaining the old ones.

For this same reason, they have made plans and put things in place to assist their various subscribers to get airtime on the go in certain situations and pay back later when they can.

This service is available to subscribers of all network but in this article, we shall focus on Glo Subscribers only.



How To Borrow Credit From Your Glo Line

If you are a Glo subscriber, then you can borrow credit from Glo using this simple and  unique code associated with Glo alone.

The code is *321#


For some subscribers, when you dial this code, you will be required to create a passcode or pin before you can borrow. If the system ask you to create pass code, then create it by following the prompt. After creation of your passcode, dial *321*passcode*amount#

For example if your passcode is 2222 and you want to borrow 100 naira from Glo, then dial *321*2222*100#


If you were not asked to create a passcode, then just dial *321# and follow the on-screen instructions.


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How To Pay Back The Loan

To pay back this loan, all you need to do is recharge the exact amount you borrowed and the Glo system which is automated will deduct it and send you a confirmation message saying you have suscessfully paid back your loan.



Things You Should Know And Note

  1. You must be on the Glo network for at least three months and should have used a minimum of #200 every month.

You need to have been an active subscriber in the Glo network before they can borrow you any amount.

If you do not recharge regularly, you should not expect them to give you the loan.


2 The airtime you borrowed has a validity period. The higher the amount, the longer the period and the lower the amount, the shorter the period.

3 The amount you received when you request for the loan is less by some percentage. This percentage is the charges for the service. That is Glo’s profit because when you are paying back you will pay it.

4 The airtime you just borrowed cannot be be used to purchase a data plan. You must buy airtime to buy data.




Now with full support from Glo, all their subscribers who meet up with the requirements above can now borrow airtime and pay later.

If you pay back on time, you have the benefit of enjoying higher loan amount on your next loan.

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