How To Get Your Tax Identification Number (TIN), Requirements And Payment Procedures

It is expected that every person in Nigeria who runs a business whether you sell product or services, working for the government, doing any free-lancing job, a public or private business should know about tax identification number. Today we will show you how to get your own tax identification number in Nigeria, the requirement and the payment procedures.

It is a must for every citizen to register for tax when they want to go into any kind of company or firm, because it is part of the cooperate recognition administered by law for every business to get their tax identification number (TIN) and pay their tax.

TIN is a very important requirement for every person or business owners, because it is a must have by the law. To get yours, you will need to duly complete an application form for your tax identification number and then submit to the office of the Nigerian federal Inland Revenue services (NFIRS) that is close to you. The NFIRS which was formed in 1943 to organize and operate the tax system in Nigeria. Every person who works for any organization needs to apply for TIN.


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The Requirement For Getting Your Tax Identification Number

To get your own tax identification number is free in Nigeria, you will only need to pick, write and submit an official application form for the TIN. Please note that it is your legal duty for every Nigerian to have a tax identification number and pay tax if you leave and work in Nigeria. Below are the basic requirement to get your own TIN in Nigeria.

  1. Your tax identification number must be a join tax board TIN only
  2. You will need to ensure that the place to fill in your name and address must not exceed more than 200 words and numbers on each field
  3. You will need to provide your valid and working 11 digit mobile phone number
  4. You will also need to provide a valid and working email address
  5. You should make sure you fill and complete all the field marked with * in the form given to you for the TIN registration
  6. Know that it is only the official tax payer that is required to use the TIN, no third party is allowed to do so
  7. By Nigerian law, you don’t need to apply for a tax identification number if you are an incorporated trustee, but you will need to find out more information about this at the NFIRS office
  8. If your company or firm receives income and profit in Nigeria, then it is required to get a TIN
  9. It is important that you validate your TIN on the NFIRS official web portal at



To Apply For Tax Identification Number

  1. Get and completely fill the TIN application form
  2. Provide all the necessary business registration details like business name or certificate of incorporation
  3. Fill in your business address, location, date that you started the business and other necessary detail that is required in the application form.

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