All You Can Do With The GTB *737# USSD Banking Code

Guaranty Trust bank popularly known as GTB has introduced yet another new innovation into the banking industry with the “737#. This is a significant milestone in the banking and commerce industry as it allows all sorts of people to make banking transactions on their mobile device without the need of an internet connection.

This significant feature has been termed the future of mobile banking as it is a combination of USSD and GTbank mobile app. All you need to use this service is to have a GTbank internet banking profile and you are good to go.


Things You Can Do Using The *737# Code

  1. Transfer funds ( Intrabank and Interbank)
  2. Buy data and airtime for yourself or loved ones
  3. Pay bills
  4. Generate OTP (One time Pin)
  5. Open a new GTB account
  6. Reactivate Inactive or Dormant Account
  7. Pay Electricity bills



Listed Below Are All The Transactions That You Can Do With Gtbank *737* Service At The Moment

To Transfer Funds:

You can easily transfer funds from your GTbank account to another account within the same GTbank or other Nigerian banks from the comfort of your mobile. To do this, all you need is a valid GTbank transfer code ( usually the last four digits of your ATM card), phone number you used to open your GTbank account and the 737 pin code. To transfer funds simply dial *737# and follow the onscreen prompts or dial *737*1*Amount*Account number of beneficiary’s#.

Then enter the last four digits of your ATM or 737 pin to complete the transaction. To tranfer to other commercial banks in Nigeria,simply dial *737*2*Amount*Account number of beneficiary’s#. Ensure you use the phone number used in registering your GTB account. It is important to note that the daily transfer limit is 200,000 for GTBank.


To Open A New GTbank Account

You can open a new account for yourself or loved one without the stress of visiting a bank hall and so save yourself stress and time. All you need is a valid means of identification ( National ID card/Voters card/driver’s license) and you are good to go. To open a new account, kindly dial *737*0# and follow the prompts instruction on the screen. On sending this code, an account number will be generated for you automatically and sent to you via SMS. You can also use your phone number as account number at any GTbank branches and GTExpress outlets.

Note that the maximum daily deposit limit is N50,000 and daily withdrawal limit is N300,000.


To Buy Data And Airtime For Yourself Or Third Party

You can purchase airtime or data for yourself and loved ones without going around looking for recharge card vendors. This service is available and works on all mobile networks in Nigeria and its super easy.  To recharge airtime for yourself, simply dial *737*Amount# and send using the phone number used in registering your GTB account. To recharge for a third party, dial *737*Amount*Phone number of beneficiary#. To buy data, dial *737*4# using the phone number linked to your account. Note that the daily recharge limit is N10,000


To Check Your GTB Account Details.

You can also check your account details such as your name, date of birth, BVN, account number etc using this service. Simply dial *737*6*1# and follow the onscreen prompts.


To Generate One Time Pin (OTP).

Worry no more about carrying your hardware token with you ever again, just dial *737*7# and complete the last six digit of your GTB Naira MasterCard and an OTP will be generated for you. Note that the OTP is valid for only 2 minutes and so must be used ASAP, also note that the OTP can not be used for transactions beyond N200,000.


To Pay For Startimes Subscription.

This is good news for Startimes subscribers who are also GTB customers. Now they can renew their subscription stress free simply by dialing *737*37*Amount*Decoder number #.


To Request For GTB Internet Login Details.

If peradventure, you misplaced or forgot your login details, don’t worry too much. Just dial *737*6*5# and follow the onscreen prompts to retrieve your mobile/internet banking login details.


To Reactivate A Dormant GTB Account.

You can reactivate a dormant or inactive account visiting a bank hall. Simply dial *737*11# then enter your BVN and account officer code or press 1 to continue. To know if indeed the reactivation is successful, you can recharge N100 airtime on your phone.


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To Perform Cardless Transactions

Yup, its true. You can withdraw cash from any GTB ATM without a debit card. How? Simply dial *737*3# then enter the amount you want to withdraw then enter the last four digits of your card or 737 pin


To Electricity Bills.

You can now recharge your prepaid meter right from your house using your Mobile.You can even recharge up to N1,000,000 daily. Here’s a list of the prepaid companies and the respective DISCO codes.

Port Harcourt Prepaid – *737*50*Amount*95#

Port Harcourt Postpaid – *737*50*Amount*96#

Eko Prepaid – *737*50*Amount*151#

Eko Postpaid – *737*50*Amount*152#

Ibadan Prepaid – *737*50*Amount*137#

Kano Prepaid – *737*50*Amount*93#

Kano Postpaid – *737*50*Amount*94#


To Check Cheque Book Status.

To check the status of your chequebook, simply dial *737*6*4#.


To Check Your Loan Balances.

To check the amount on your koan balance, dial *737*6*2#.


To Check Card Status.

To check the status of your card, simply dial *737*6*3#


To Borrow Airtime.

This service only to customers using the GTB salary bank account. You can borrow up to N5000 airtime in a month simply by dialling *737*8*1# and follow the onscreen prompts.


To Borrow Salary Or Funds.

This service is available only to GTB salary bank accounts. Simply dial *737*8*2# to get going.


Prepaid Companies 737 Disco Code
Port Harcourt Prepaid   *737*50*Amount*95#
Port Harcourt Postpaid   *737*50*Amount*96#
Eko Prepaid   *737*50*Amount*151#
Eko Postpaid   *737*50*Amount*152#
Ibadan Prepaid   *737*50*Amount*137#
Kano Prepaid   *737*50*Amount*93#
Kano Postpaid   *737*50*Amount*94#


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