How To Register Courses And Check Result On Rongo University Student Portal

Rongo University is a university college in Kenya situated in Rongo town. It is fondly called RUC (Rongo University College) and it is a constituent college of Moi University. It was established in 2011. In 2016, the Rongo University College gained her charter making it to stand on its own. It is now called Rongo University (RU).


The institution has over 40 courses distributed into its schools which include School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Science, Technology and Engineering, School of Education, School of Business and Human Resource Development, School of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, School of Graduate Studies and School of Information, Communication and Media Studies. You can study on the basis that suit your academic needs such as full-time, weekend basis as well as open and Distance learning.


The university has three intakes every year which are September/October, December/January and April/May. You will be required to purchase an application form for Kshs 500 for certificate and diploma courses, Kshs 1000 for undergraduate course application and Kshs 2000 for postgraduate courses.


If you meet up with the academic requirements for admission in this prestigious institution and you have a course of study that interest you in their pool of courses, you may apply online. Click on application form via the menu, download it and scan it back with relevant required documents. Please note that only qualified candidates who passed the entrance examination will be considered for admission into the prestigious institution.


Once you are offered admission into the prestigious institution, you may now begin to pay fees and update your details. You will need to login into the student portal with admission number as user name and password. Once you are in, you may then change your password. You can as well update your biodata.



List Of Courses And Department In Rongo University

Diploma Courses

Business Management
Community Development
Early Childhood Education
Hotel and Hospitality
Human Resource Management
Project Planning and Management
Public Relations
Religious Studies
Secondary Education
Social Work
Special Needs Education
Television and Film
Travel and Tour Operations


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Undergraduate Degree Courses

Arts, Political Science and Public
Arts, Social Work
Business Management
Communication and Journalism
Communication and Public Relations
Communication, Graphic Communication and Advertising
Education, Arts
Education, Business Education
Education, Early Childhood and Primary Education
Education, Guidance and Counseling
Education, Special Needs Education, Primary Option
Hotel and Hospitality Management
Human Resource Management
Resource Management
Science, Agricultural Economics and
Science, Entrepreneurship Studies

Science, Informatics
Science, Information Sciences
Science, Project Planning and Management
Tourism Management
Tours and Travel Operations Management



How To Register Courses

To register your courses online via the university student portal, ensure you know the courses you ought to register first. Then you may follow the steps below to register your courses;

  1. Visit the university website,
  2. Navigate and click on the student portal
  3. Login with your username and password
  4. Navigate and click on unit registration through the menu on the left
  5. Click on the courses to select them
  6. After a successful and complete selection, click on book unit to register all selected units.
  7. Confirm the registration to finalise the registration.



How To Check Results Online

Students may check their academic results online, please follow the steps below;

  1. Visit the university website,
  2. Navigate and click on the student portal
  3. Login with your username and password
  4. Navigate and click results tab.
  5. Select the session and semester to view your results. Once you click on submit, the results will be displayed on the next page.


For further enquiry, please forward your enquiry email to or visit here for phone number and emails of specific offices.

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