How To Set Speed Dial And Call Forwarding On Your Mobile Device And All Network

Setting up speed dial and call forwarding on your mobile phones are two great features designed to enhance both the customers of phone and network take off some call stress. Let’s take a look at these two great features and how to take advantage of them.


Speed Dial

Speed dial is the feature that enables you to set a shortcut to dial a particular phone number instead of typing out the phone number or searching through your contact list each time you want to dial the number. Isn’t that a great convenience that by pressing a button or a combination of buttons you can call a phone number. The speed dial features usually have a number of contacts that can be saved there. Some may be twenty or more phone numbers even up to ninety-nine.



How To Set Up Speed Dial

To set up speed dial feature for a particular contact on your mobile device, please follow the steps below;

  1. Take your mobile device and press your phone dialer
  2. From the dialer, click on the menu icon and select speed dial from the options
  3. It will bring up options of where to select the contact to be added to your speed dial. These options will be call history, new contact or phone contacts. Select an option to upload the phone number
  4. From the chosen option, select the contact and add it to the speed dial list.
  5. You will be asked to input a number location for the contact in the speed dial list.
  6. Once you input the number and save it, it is done. You may repeat the process to add another number.

You may go to check your speed dial numbers to see the number you have added.


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How To Use The Speed Dial Feature

To use the speed dial feature, simply navigate to your dialer and then press and hold the number location of the particular contact you wish to call.



Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is the feature that enables you to set another phone number in place of your phone number when it is not reachable. This makes you receive your calls on another phone number even when your number is either switched off, on another call or unreachable due to network issues.



How To Set Up Call Forwarding

To set up call Forwarding for your phone number, please follow the steps below;

  1. On your mobile device, navigate to the settings menu
  2. From here, navigate and click on call settings
  3. From the available options, click on call Forwarding option
  4. Select the condition of the call forwarding.
  5. You will be asked to input the number you want your calls to be forwarded to and then save it.

With this, your call forwarding has been successfully done. You may check it by making your number go through the call forwarding condition and see if it will be forwarded.


With this information, you can set up the speed dial and call forwarding features on your device. Have a great time enjoying the features!

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