Access More App: How To Download And Setup With All The Transactions You Can Perform

Access Bank is widely regarded as a financial organization whose desire to stay giving its customers quite a tremendous banking experience is unrivaled. This has little question earned them an area within the hearts of their customers and therefore the international community. Access bank recently launched its newly built AccessMore app with all new features which will enable all its customers with smart phone devices make easier and faster transactions. These unique features have made the app stand out and earned it an area because the best digital bank in Africa.

The leading edge technology offers tailored and personalized services, simple use, and excellent customer experience. After the successful merger with the erstwhile Diamond bank, the Bank has deemed it necessary to combine both bank’s mobile apps that existed before the merger to satisfy the needs of their customers while delivering a high level standard mobile banking experience on a world-class platform.

Herbert Wigwe, CEO, Access Bank, once said in one interview “In a period like this, once we got to be more present and relevant within the lives of our customers, we’ve risen to the challenge to make sure our customers have access to their funds and may initiate transactions while keeping safe at home”. The CEO further said, launching the AccessMore app is a great effort to repeatedly give all Access Bank customers ‘more’ and intrinsically, the Bank has worked with first-class tech experts to create a mobile app that suits its customers’ lifestyles and meet their financial needs.

Some of the features of the new and upgraded bank app which we will be dissecting during the course of this article includes Dubai Visa application, flight booking, target savings, foreign currency transfers, Account opening for new customers (personal and corporate), customizable dashboards, just to say a couple of.

In the spirit of giving back to the customers, the bank has announced that from April to December 2020, Access Bank will be rewarding customers that complete ten transactions using either its USSD service or any of its mobile apps (old Access Mobile, old Diamond mobile or the new AccessMore app) with a fresh car within the quarterly draw. The AccessMore app is out there for both iOS and Android users.

How To Get Download And Activate the AccessMore app

How Do I Activate My AccessMore App? 

For Existing customers:

  1. Visit the Android PlayStore or iOS Store
  2. Search and Download “AccessMore” app
  3. Upon a successful download, you simply login with your existing ID and password of either Access or Diamond Mobile Apps.

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New Customers

  1. Visit the Android PlayStore or iOS Store on your Mobile Device
  2. Download the “AccessMore” app
  3. On the menu Select ‘Sign up’ to register
  4. Pick a Unique User ID and Password for login
  5. The last step is to Create a PIN with card or OTP sent to mobile number/ Call the Contact Center (01-2702005) in order to set up an E-PIN/token.

Features And All Transactions You Can Perform With Access Mobile App

  • Instant loans
  • Schedule payment
  • Dark theme
  • Nearby payment (Bluetooth payment)
  • AccessAfrica
  • Secure Face ID
  • Dubai Visa application
  • Flight booking
  • Foreign currency transfers
  • Self-Pay QR generation for Intra-bank Transfers
  • Credit card repayment
  • Access Rewards
  • Bancassurance
  • Quick Order/Restaurant Payment
  • XclusivePlus Subscription
  • Digital Marketplace (Central by Access)
  • LCC Balance Enquiry as Quick Service

How To Change Access More Login Password

  • On the menu bar at the bottom of the app, click on Change password
  • Then enter your current Password.
  • An Authentication code will be sent to you for confirmation. Enter the code and submit to proceed to the next stage.
  • You can now enter your new password.

How To Change Your Access More Transaction Pin

  • On the menu bar at the bottom of the app, click on Change PIN
  • Then enter your current PIN.
  • An Authentication code would be sent to your phone for confirmation. Enter the code and submit
  • You can now enter new set of 4 letter PIN And submit.

Please NOTE that once this is successful, you will be limited to some amount of transfer for the next 24hrs

How To Get Access Reward on AccessMore

Please note that you can Get rewarded with points for every of your transactions that you perform on the AccessMore app. These points can simply be used to paybills, buy airtime and lots more.

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