How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria And All You Need To Know

Pig farming is the act of rearing and raising pigs for sale or consumption. The former reason of pig farming in the definition above is of major consideration in this piece. Pig farming is also referred to as piggery. It entails all activities such as taking care, treating, feeding and offering of pigs for sale.


This business is not really appealing to people for some reasons such as the dirtiness of pig, smells and unknown worth of its profitability. Lots of people don’t even think its lucrative and for some it has never been a business option to them. In simple words, it is highly profitable.


Insights Into Pig Farming Profitability

  1. Pig meat is always in high demand
  2. A single pig can give birth to almost twenty piglets at a time. Imagine how much you can make from one female pig.
  3. It only takes about 5-8 months for piglets to full mature.
  4. Pig feeds are available, cheap and can be sourced.
  5. A fully matured pig sells for about N30,000. If a pig sells for N30,000, imagine selling just 40 per year, that will be N1.2 million. You can get 40 piglets from two female pigs from a single birth of both. That is if both give birth just once. You will definitely sell more than that in a year because it is always in high demand.



  1. Baby pigs are referred to as piglets, farrow or shoat.
  2. Male pig is referred to as Boar
  3. Female pigs are called sows
  4. A group of pigs is referred to as a herd or drove.
  5. A place where pigs live is called Pen.



Affordable Feeds For Pig

The feeds listed below are alternative sources of protein for Pigs and also produce adequate nutrients required by Pigs for growth.


Peas And Beans

There area unit many sorts of peas and beans mature round the world, suited to totally different climates: from broad beans in Europe to chickpeas in Asia. they’re a promising different to soya bean in regions that aren’t suited to its production. Peas have high levels of nutrient (25 percent) and essential amino acids, though essential amino acid levels are also comparatively low. Legumes are also know to be a helpful part of any crop rotation as a result of their ability to repair nitrogen. In terms of ANFs, peas contain proteolytic enzyme inhibitors, lectines and phytate, while beans have high tannic acid and organic compound levels. each have the benefit of more process, micronization, for instance, that permits larger inclusion levels.


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Sunflower Pig Meal







Sunflowers are primarily full-grown for their oil content; following its extraction, the remaining meal is employed in pig diets. The nutrient content varies from twenty three percent within the whole seeds to up to forty percent in a very de-hulled solvent extracted meal. The Prices no doubt are favorable, sunflower meal is enclosed in diets up to twenty percent, wherever fifty percent of legume is replaced, and has been shown to be price effective. However, edibility of the supermolecule is a problem together with the presence of phenoplast compounds. this is often why it isn’t counseled for young pigs.


Copra meal

Copra meal springs from coconut, following oil extraction, and has high oil and supermolecule (20-25 percent) levels. Primary production is in Asia, wherever it’s a inexpensive ingredient. However, it’s high in fiber and low in essential amino acids. These factors, together with the presence of mannan and glactomannan, limit its inclusion to 5-25 p.c, increasing with the age of the animal.



The Piggery Or Pig Farming Business

The very first thing to acquire is a piece of land. A plot of land is good for a start but if you have a larger space, its a good one. You need this for your pigs to be able to play around and graze in the open. Ensure the land is enclosed to prevent them from wandering off as they get more mature.


Build big pen for your pigs. This is where they will return to after grazing in the open field. Please ensure it has a good drainage system as well as good space to avoid the piglets from injuring themselves. This will also help to prevent diseases. A drainage system will prevent water stagnation that can attract insects which may be harmful to your pigs. A good water pool is needed for the pigs to swim. This helps to keep them clean and reduce body temperature. Endeavour to change the water frequently.


After you provide the above things, next is to buy piglets with good history of vaccination. Please buy from a trusted seller. Remember that if you start the business with infected piglets, you might contaminate your pen and the equipments in use. So, just be on a safer side. It is advisable to buy a modest number that you can easily manage. This will also prevent a great loss in case anything goes wrong. Ensure you go with a piggery professional if you are not one.


Finally, you need people to work with. You need a Veterinary Doctor for constant check up and vaccination for your pigs. This is very essential. You can also get professional advice through the consultation. You may also need two or three people to work with you on the farm depending on how big the farm is and the number of pigs.


With these information, you can easily make so much from piggery if well handled. Wishing you the very best.

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