How To Use First Bank Short Code For Different Transactions

*894# is the USSD code for Firstbank Nigeria, though some call this code Firstbank Transfer Code because they mostly use it to transfer funds from one bank account to another, some others users call it Firstbank Short Code and while some simply call it Firstbank Code.

No matter what you call it, today we will show you how to use it for transactions. However, for you to be able to perform any transaction through the USSD code, you need to learn about it, register, and activate it. Ever since the launch of first bank mobile code, customers without access to smartphones (for mobile app) or internet have been able to do transactions easily.

Though this is made possible because first bank USSD code works on any phone that can make and receive calls and also across all gsm networks (mtn, glo, airtel, 9mobile) in Nigeria. This code is safer, fast and secure, and also, it works 24/7 which include public holidays and weekends.

Here Are The Requirement For Using The First Bank USSD Code

The following are the requirements you must meet to use FBN USSD code.

  • Must have a First Bank Account, meaning you must be an FBN Naira denominated account holder.
  • A valid number, meaning you need the phone number registered to your bank account.
  • You need a Mobile Phone, any mobile device that can make and receive calls will do.
  • A valid PIN, meaning you need your debit card 4-digit PIN for registration.

Here Is How To Activate Or Register For The First Bank USSD Code

  • simply dial *894*0# with the phone number you registered with your FBN account.
  • Choose your preferred debit (ATM) card from those linked to your account.
  • Once done, enter the 4 digit PIN of the chosen debit card.
  • Then create 5-digit transaction PIN which you will need to complete each transactions you initiate on the platform.
  • Once done, you have successfully activated your number for first bank mobile banking transaction.

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Buying Airtime For Self

To buy airtime which means you topping up the number registered or associated (alertz number) with your first bank account.

Simply dial *894*amount# then complete the first bank airtime recharge with the 5-digit transaction PIN and after few seconds, your mobile device will be credited with the specified amount. 
For example *894*2000#

Also note that the maximum amount of airtime recharge per day is N3,000, while the minimum amount of recharge is N50 which the service does not attract any transaction charges

Buying Airtime For Others With First Bank Code

For you to buy Airtime for other phone users with your First bank account, it’s very easy to do.

You can just dial the following code from the Line linked to your bank. Simply dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# then complete the first bank airtime recharge with the 5-digit transaction PIN.

Example, *894*200*08068483371#

How To Transfer Money With The USSD Code

Anytime you want to transfer money using the Firstbank Transfer Code, this process is pretty easy, unlike other banks where you’ll have to dial a lot of codes.

You can just dial *894*Amount*Account number#, the account number you are to put is the account number you want to transfer the money into not your own account number. Just dial *894*amount*account number#. For example *894*2000*1234512345#

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