Konga Mobile App: How To Download, Setup And Use The Sellerhq With Functions

We would be taking a close review at Konga Mobile App and Its Functions. As known to all that Konga is an online shopping mall for various products ranging from electronics, phones, computers, fashion, groceries etc. Konga is a Nigerian e-commerce company established in 2012 and has it headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos State. Konga offers a third-party online store and marketplace and first-party direct retail covering diverse categories of products such as books,  consumer electronics, home appliances, children’s items, fashions as well as personal care products.

All of these can be accessed via the konga website. You can search, view and order products via the website as a buyer and as a seller you can register and create an online store through the same website. But in order to make things much easier, konga has developed an app to ease these processes. It is called konga app.


Konga Mobile App Download Steps

The Konga App is available for mobile phones, tablets, Android phones etc. This app can be accessed and downloaded via konga’s official website or through Google play store for free. The apps enables you to do a number of things which include searching for available products, ordering for a product as a buyer, registration as a seller, contact konga’s personnel etc.

To download the app, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to konga official website or Google play store
  2. Search for konga app
  3. Download the app
  4. Install the app
  5. After installation, launch the app.


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Konga Seller HQ is a platform for all Sellers on konga and it assist the seller to pick his or her drop off location.

To use the seller Hq functions, you will need to firstly set up a seller hq account and that means that you are ready to sell products through konga. Here is the few steps to take;

  1. Begin by registering via https://shq.konga.com/account/register
  2. Carefully fill in appropriate details and get your account set up.
  3. List your products once you have set up your account
  4. Begin to sell your products to people all over.


Below are the major things you will be able to do with the opened account

  1. Gain access to Konga’s growing Mall
  2. Create your own virtual store
  3. Stock your store with your products
  4. Update your shipping preferences
  5. Manage your inventory and sales orders
  6. Chat directly with your customers
  7. Receive payout


It is important to note that you can actually carry out these steps on the mobile app.

With this app, you can as well interact with buyers and discuss how to get the business done in the best possible way.

Through, this app, you also have access to the merchant teams for assistance on the transaction process.

There is also buyer and sellers forum where you can interact.


If you have any issue or challenges while setting up your account or with its functions, you may send a mail to help@konga.com or mall@konga.com. You may also call +234 809 460 5555 or  01-4605555 for assistance.

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