Uber Lagos: How To Download And Use The App For Booking Online

Uber has over the years become a huge game changer in the transportation industry in Nigeria. Based on the company’s vast experience internationally, the birth and introduction of Uber In Nigeria, Lagos in particular has been a game changer.


How To Download And Register/Login On The App

Kindly follow the steps below to download and register the Uber App on your device.


Step1. On your mobile phone, just search for “Uber” On the Google Play store or apple store for iPhone users.

Step2. Once the App comes up, click and on and the download process should start.

Step3. At the completion of the download, go to your device Home page, locate the App icon and click on it to open the App.

Step4. You can now register as a new user or Login as an existing user.



How To Use The App For Bookings

1.Lunch the App on you device or open the portal on a browser.



Tap each ride option to see wait time, size, and price. Then you would be require to enter your pickup location and tap request— your driver will arrive in no time once you have completed your request.



The requested ride comes to you. You’ll see the driver’s contact information and vehicle details in the app, this is to be sure you know you’re getting in the right car.


4.Pay and go

At the completion of the ride, you can conveniently Hop out and rate the driver when you reach your destination. You will thereafter be automatically charged on the credit card you provided at registration, so you do not need cash to ride on Uber.


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How To Reservation Or Booking On Uber

Uber’s on-demand service is offered in each town or city they intend to operate in. once you’re set to ride, use your app to request pickup from a close-by driver. Demand for rides will fluctuate at totally different times of day and night. A high demand for rides at an explicit time will impact however quickly a driver accepts your trip request and heads to your pickup location. If you’re on a decent schedule, we tend to suggest checking the your pickup location’s ETA for various vehicle choices regarding 15-30 minutes before you’re able to ride. Uber in some cities currently includes the choice to schedule an uberX ride. Here’s how:


  1. Tap the SCHEDULE A RIDE button above the vehicle option slider.
  2. Pick a date from the available days and preferred 15-minute window of time when you will be ready for pickup.
  3. Enter your pickup location and destination.
  4. Review your fare estimate and tap SCHEDULE.
  5. Tap SCHEDULE TRIP to confirm. After confirming, select TRIPS from your app menu, then select UPCOMING to review upcoming scheduled trips or schedule a new trip.



How To Cancel Booked Ride On Uber

Ride requests ought to solely be created once you’re ready to ride and close to the pickup location. this allows drivers to control with efficiency on the Uber platform. generally you will have to cancel a ride request when it’s been accepted by a driver. Not to worry, the Uber app permits you to cancel anytime, a cancellation fee could also be charged. The cancellation fee charged differs by town/city, starting from $5 to $10. This fee is meant to compensate driver-partners for time and energy spent heading toward a pickup location. A ride request is off free of charge for up to 2-5 minutes from your initial request. If your driver is running over five minutes behind the provided ETA, you’ll be able to cancel the ride request with no acquiring a cancellation fee. On uber POOL journeys, you will be charged a $2 cancellation fee if you cancel anytime a driver accepts your ride request. Riders not at the pickup location among a pair of minutes of the driver’s arrival could also be charged a $2 no-show fee. If you’re feeling you unjustly received a cancellation fee, please visit journeys and Fare Review > i was charged a cancellation fee. We’re happy to review and put together necessary changes.

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