Lasu Result Checker: How To Use The Online Platform And All You Must Know

Lagos State University is fondly referred to as LASU. It was established in 1983 by the enabling Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, for the advancement of learning and establishment of academic excellence. The university is mainly located in Ojo, Lagos with three other campuses in Epe, Surulere and Ikeja in Lagos state, Nigeria.


The university is said to have a student population of over 35,000. The university offer Diploma courses, Undergraduate courses as well as  Postgraduate courses. The university has nine faculties with seventy six undergraduate courses and diverse post graduate courses.


Lagos State University in order to make life easier for her students and staff and to meet up with the academic world technological advancement, LASU has developed an online platform whereby her students whether part time or full time can login into their respective profile and view their results. On this same platform, Lecturers whether visiting, full time or part time can login and upload results of their students.



To Access Your Profile Online And Check Your results

kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate and click on the appropriate student category whether as full time undergraduate student, sandwich student, external system student etc.
  3. Input your matric number
  4. Click on print profile and your profile will be brought before you.


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Benefits And Advantages Of The Online Platform

The online platform offers some major advantages over the time it was not in place, below are few of the merits:

  1. It offers students access to their academic performance any time any day.
  2. It eliminate the ignorance of not knowing one’s academic performance until late hour which has made students to earn extra year .
  3. Students don’t have to wait for long before knowing their grade on courses.
  4. Students can easily keep track of the class of their grade.
  5. It can be accessed via any internet enabled device such as mobile phones, tablets, P.C, laptop etc.



Things That Can Be Done Online At LASU Website

There ara a number of things that can be done online via the LASU website by both staff and students which has made life much more easier on the part of both. Below is a list of the things:

  1. You can apply for post graduate and diploma courses
  2. You can make payment online for various payment requests
  3. You can check results online as a student
  4. You can upload results online as a lecturer
  5. You can view and print your profile online as a student
  6. Prospective students can check their admission status online
  7. Students can also get information online.
  8. Students can do their course registration online.
  9. Students can print Transaction Receipts
  10. Students can perform document verification
  11. Students can re-print Old Course Form
  12. Students can print admission letter.
  13. Students can do their Bio-data registration


If you have any issues with your profile online, you may send an email to or simply visit the Integrated Data Centre, Lagos State University, Ojo Campus, Lagos, Nigeria to make your complaints known.

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