Umobile UBA Mobile Banking App: How To Download And Activate With The Default Pin

In this direct but educative review, we would be talking about Umobile UBA Mobile Banking App as  What we know today as UBA which gave birth to this wonderful innovation called the Umobile Uba emerged from the merger of then fast growing Standard Trust Bank, which was incorporated in 1990 and UBA, one of the biggest and oldest banks in Nigeria. The merger of the 2 giant was consummated on August 1, 2005, one of the biggest mergers done on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). Following the merger, UBA then subsequently went ahead to acquire Continental Trust Bank in the same year of operation, further expanding the UBA brand. UBA subsequently acquired Trade Bank in 2006 which was under liquidation by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).



U-Mobile Availability on Apple IOS Devices And Android Devices

U-Mobile is available on Apple Store for all Apple IOS Devices such as the iphone, ipad as well as all Android based mobile phones and tablets devices, the major requirement being that the devices must be java enabled as the Application Is a java solution and must be capable of using SIM cards. U-mobile App can be downloaded on these devices by searching for Umobile on the respective app stores (Apple App store for IOS and Google Play for Android). Alternatively visit the UBA website and at the bottom right you will see the app download button for you device.

However The UBA Umobile App is currently not available for Windows and Blackberry OS running devices.



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Requirements And How To Enroll For The Umobile App Online

Kindly follow the step by step instruction to have an hitch free experience while trying to surf through the platform.

  • Ensure that your phone is GPRS/JAVA enabled
  • Text D UMOBILE to 20220 for all GSM networks (MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL, STARCOMM)
  • You will receive an SMS with a link, click on the link to download U-Mobile to your phone, you can also click on this link to download U-mobile.
  • Install U-mobile on the mobile device and open it.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and move to the next screen.
  • Depending on your preference as a customer, select one of the 3 options presented to you to register for U-mobile.
  • If you select “register account”, you are expected to go to the nearest UBA business office and fill a form to receive a default PIN directly on your phone which enables you to start transacting using U-Mobile.
  • If you select either the “register debit card” or “register prepaid card” options and entered your details correctly, a default PIN is automatically generated and sent directly to your mobile to enable you start transacting using U-Mobile.
  • If “register debit card” or “register prepaid card” options are selected, you do not need to visit any UBA Business Office, these options were designed for customers who have a debit or prepaid card issued by UBA plc to enable you start and complete U-Mobile registration and activation anytime, anywhere.



How To Activate And Change Your Default Pin On Umobile App

  • Select “Security” from the U-Mobile Main Screen.
  • From the submenu, select “PIN change” and follow the prompt
  • Enter old PIN i.e. the default PIN
  • Enter a memorable word, this is a word of your own choice.
  • Input your new PIN and then re-confirm the new PIN
  • Select account to use (Preset to default)
  • Select account type (Saving or current).
  • From the option button on the phone, choose “Select line” and then click on “Proceed” to consummate the process.
  • Customer receives SMS notification confirming successful change of PIN.


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