Air Peace Online Booking: How To Book Air Flight Online And Their Office Locations In Nigeria

In today’s review we would be looking at Airpeace Online Booking as we know Air Peace came on board into the Nigeria Air flight business with an unparalleled safety consciousness second to none in the industry. This also goes along with guaranteeing the satisfaction of their travelers across the Globe! With their fleet which consists of the following state of the art Dornier 328, several Boeing 737-500 sp (special performance) and 737-300 jets, all travelers can be rest assured that their journeys will feel like holidays whether you are on vacation or a business trip.

All Peace Air Aircraft are equipped with Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS 220) geared towards safety. This equipment is manufactured and installed on all the planes by Flight Aerospace Solutions Ltd (FLYHT) of Canada, one of Fly Air Peace Major Consultant Engineers. FLYHT has a 5year contract with Air Peace to this end.

One of the fundamentals of the AFIRS 220 owned by Flyairpeace is the monitoring of the Engine trend from take off to landing not only by the Pilot but also officials monitoring on ground. That way, the engine performance is seen guaranteeing maximum safety. The AFIRS special features like Flight tracking, the automated engine data collection for real time trending, fuel management and satellite voice communications currently stand Air Peace out as one of the Airlines with such matchless safety strength in the world!

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How To Book Ticket Online With Air Peace Airline

Kindly follow the step by step process as illustrated below to have a stress free experience on the online booking platform.


Step1. Open this Url

Step2. On the book a flight page, fill the Flight Reservation Field and Click On the search button.

Step3. It will take you to the Passenger Information and Contact Information page, where you will enter all the info and click continue.

Step4. The next page is the Additional Services. You can put in the any additional service if required and click on continue.

Step5. This is the Payment Page, where all payment are made Using the available payment options with your banks.

Step6. Confirm your payment and print out the details after successful payment had gone through.

Step7. Take the printed copy along with you to the airport.



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Peace Air Office Address And Peace Air Agents In Different States


  • Abuja Office:Transcorp Hilton Branch, Maitama, Abuja, FCT.Port Harcourt Office: 55B, Old Aba Road, Behind SHANDEES Rumuobiakani, Port Harcourt.Owerri Office: Fullmoon Hotel, Akanchawa Road, New Owerri, Owerri.Enugu Office: Neocorts Hotels, #3/5 Byron Onyeama Close, Off Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu.



List Of Airpeace Airways Accredited Officers In Different State

You can also make payment and get your flight ticket in any of the offices listed below.

Deji: +234-817-668-9707
Kachollom: +234-817-668-9753


Port Harcourt
Chiaka: +234-817-668-9785


Leonard: +234-817-668-9703
Aminu: +234-817-668-9790
Perpetual: +234-817-668-9783
Patricia: +234-817-668-9751+234-817-668-9760


June: +234-817-668-9704,
Timothy: +234-817-668-9784


Waziri: +234-817-668-9795


Abdul: +234-818-231-3785


For All Stations
Florence: +234-817-668-9698
Ndidi: +234-817-668-9763+234-817-668-9759

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