Zenith Bank Daily Transfer Limit And all The Charges You Need To Know

Zenith Bank is a public limited company, it was founded in May 1990, by Jim Ovia. Zenith Bank is a financial providing company in Nigeria. It is licensed by the CBN (central bank Nigeria). Zenith Bank is listed in both the Nigerian and London stock Exchange market. It’s headquarters is located at Victoria island Lagos Nigeria, but it has over 500 branches in different parts of the country.

Zenith Bank Introduces a seamless means of transacting with the introduction of internet, mobile banking and the use of USSD code for sending, receiving money, buying airtime for friends and family etc.

How To Send Money Using The Zenith Bank USSD Code *966#

Step 1: Dial *966#.

Step 2: Select what you want to do. (In this case select transfer).

Step 3: Select amount.

Step 4: Select account number.

Step 5: Enter your pin.

And that’s it! You have successfully transferred money using the zenith Bank USSD code.

Note: You can only use the number you registered with your zenith account.

You might be wondering does Zenith Bank have a transfer limit?

It’s transfer limits for internet mobile banking as follows,

  • N100,000 (broken into N20,000 ) daily.
  • N200,000 ( on indemnity form increase)
  • N1,000,000 (SMS Token)

Its transfer limits for ATM are as follows,

  • N100,000 daily.
  • N1,000,000 (Hardware Token).

The question does zenith Bank allow transfers to other banks is commonly asked. Well here’s an answer. Yes! Zenith Bank Allows you as a customer, transfer to customers of other Banks. All you need do is dial *966*amount*account number# and follow on screen instructions. Be quick or you would have to start from scratch.

You might be wondering what other thing can I do with the zenith Bank online Mobile banking services?.

You can do a wide range of things with the mobile app, apart from sending money to friends and families, you can buy airtime for friends and family, check you’re your account balance, open an account etc.

 Well, you can equally activate your account right from your mobile phone. All you need do is dial *966*0#, then select the Reactivate account option and that’s it.

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How To Transfer Money From The ATM Machine

The zenith mobile transfer is a very essential, safe, easy and efficient Financial service providing platform. The ATM in full is called automated teller machine and it is a machine that dispenses cash with the use of a card and pin.

Step 1: visit an ATM stand around you.

Step 2: Insert ATM card.

Step 3: Enter PIN

Step 4: Select the service you would like to perform ( in this case select transfer)

Step 5:  Then, select the recipients bank.

Step 6: The next step is to type in the recipients account number.

Step 7: Select account type (either savings or current account).

Step 8: Select amount you wish to transfer.

Step 9: collection of receipt.

Step 10: End transaction and remove your ATM card.

You have successfully transferred cash using the ATM machine.

Zenith Bank Charges

Here are the charges you need to know.

  1. ATM card charges (N1,000).
  2. Stamp duties charges (N50 on every deposit and transfer).
  3. POS machine charges (1.25% of payment above 2000).
  4. Card maintenance fee.
  5. Token maintenance fee.

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