Access Bank Loan Interest Rate: The Requirements And All You Need To Know

Access Bank loan is what many people remember when they think of raising some cash to solve their urgent needs. It is a very fast loan which the borrower is expected to pay bank as quickly as possible.



The Requirement You Need To Get This Loan From Access Bank

So many people are used to thinking that it is very difficult to get loans from banks because of their numerous requirements. Thinking that someone needs to have or meet some criteria before that person will be eligible to get a loan from the ban k. well, it is very true that sometimes getting a loan especially from the bank can be quite difficult, because most banks do not want to lose their money by giving it to every borrower who ask for loan, but will rather give to people whom they have verified and found worthy to have the ability to pay back the borrowed money.

The payday loans from Access Bank plc. are quite different from other bank loans, because they offer you small fund that is meant to finance your little urgent needs.

For example, if someone unexpectedly becomes ill, and there is no enough money at hand to pay, you can just use the Access Bank payday loans and get the money you want and pay later.

Requirements for the payday loan from Access Bank, can easily be met, you are required to just have a regular paid job to be eligible. With this payday loan, the requirement for customers of Access Bank who intend to get loan are now simpler than ever. You just only need to be employed to have access to the loan offers and it doesn’t really matter if the account you use to receive your monthly salary is in Access Bank or not, you will still get the loan as long as you are employed.


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To receive this loan, there is only one condition you must meet if you intend to get this kind of loan from Access Bank, you must either have a salary account with them or be a customer of Remita which is because the Access Bank payday loan are mutual services of the both parties. What this means is that, normally, a Remita customer is someone who always receive their monthly salaries through the Remita payment tools, and so it will be very easy for Access Bank to get their money back.



The Loan Interest Rate

The payday loan from Access Bank plc, offers loans from ₦1, 000 to as much as ₦500, 000 which a 3% interest rate will be added to the borrowed sum. In most cases, Access Bank decides the amount every borrower can get as a loan. And note that as their rules, the loan must be paid including the interest (3%) at the end of the month or once you receive your salary.



How To Get The Payday Loan

  • Just dial this USSD code on your phone *901*11#
  • You will get a number
  • The amount that you are eligible to get as a loan will be displayed for you
  • Once you are satisfied with such amount, you will now get the instant payday loan from the bank.


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