How To Use Ecobank ATM Cardless Withdrawal Step By Step Processes And The Benefits

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) provide a convenient and innovative ways to carry out transactions without queuing up for long hours in the banking hall. At the advent of this system, very limited transactions could be carried out with it, such as making withdrawals and checking account balances with your ATM Card, but not anymore. With the new advent in technology, you do not even need your ATM card to withdraw money from the ATM.

Ecobank, one of Africa’s leading banks, is in the forefront of this technological advancement. Already with the robust and efficient Mobile Banking solution that enables her customers access banking services right from their mobile phone, Ecobank has rolled out a new initiative that is set to change the face of banking in Nigeria, and across Africa.

The bank with an incredible network of hundreds of branches across the length and breadth of the country and other African nations, has rolled out the Xpresscash service, available on the Ecobank mobile banking app. With Xpresscash, you can make withdrawals from any Ecobank ATM in any part of the country without your ATM card. Sounds impossible, right?


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With this service, you can have cash with you anytime any day, and conveniently carry it around. From the Ecobank mobile banking app, you can initiate a withdrawal, and you will be given a token with which you can make withdrawal from any Ecobank ATM around. It is that easy. So how do you make cardless withdrawals using Xpresscash? We will find out next.



How To Make Withdrawals Step by Step Procedure

  • Download the Ecobank Mobile Banking App if you have not already done so, and register for the service.
  • Log in to your account using your registered details.
  • Select Xpresscash in the list of services available.
  • You will be asked to choose between “Xpress Cash Agent” and “ATM”, choose ATM.
  • Enter your account you wish to make the withdrawal from.
  • An eight-digit electronic token will be generated.
  • Take this token to any Ecobank ATM to make your withdrawal. Please note that this token is only valid for three days, and expires thereafter.
  • At the ATM, select the Xpresscash option and you will be asked to supply the 8-digit E-token.
  • Enter the token, and then enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  • Take your cash!

It is that easy, and as you rightly read, you can do this without any involvement of your ATM card.




Some of the amazing benefits of this service include:

  1. Unlike the ATM card, you have no cause to worry over possible theft.
  2. You can send your E-token to anybody, and they can go to an Ecobank ATM and make withdraws. It is a beautiful way to send money.
  3. In case you do not want to make the transaction anymore, you can simply cancel the e-token on the mobile app.
  4. It makes it faster and easier to make your withdrawals.

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