How To Use Access Mobile App For Different Transactions And All The Benefits

For every user of the Access bank Nigeria to be eligible for the Access Mobile Banking App benefits, there is a need for setting up of the Mobile App on the gadgets to be use. And also, it should be NOTED that the app is available only to customers running the Single-Mandate Account (Savings or Current Account) with the bank. And the Corporate Customers CAN’T apply for the mobile App.



Below Are The Necessary Procedures To Set Up The App

STEP 1: Texting of the Service code “D AM” to 20220

STEP 2: Follow up the given instructions to download and run the Service Application

STEP 3: Proceed to Downloading of “Access Mobile Service”

Or visit the Play Store for Android Phone;

  • Search on “Access Mobile”
  • Click on the “Download” button, for downloading
  • Proceed to “Installing of the App”

Note; this mobile app is accessible on any web-enabled gadget.

  • Click to “Launch”
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the launched app
  • Provide the current “Account Number” into the given column and tap on the “Continue” button to proceed to the next page
  • Once the “Authentication Code” is sent to the phone number or e-mail address used for the registration of the earlier provided account
  • Re-enter the “Account Number”
  • Enter the Received “Authentication Code” and click on the button with “Continue” to proceed
  • Fill in the preferred “Username” into the provided box
  • Enter the preferred “Password” to be used with the inputted Username into the space provided
  • A notification on “Successful Registration” will be received. This will cause a redirection to the page whereby you will be requested to login
  • Enter the “Username” and it “Password” created earlier


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Benefits Of Access Mobile Banking App Include The Following

The benefits of setting up the Access Mobile App are stated below:

  1. The mobile app serves as an easy means of getting an access/information about the account instantly without stress
  2. It provides a 24/ 7 access to the account
  3. It enables the users to have more control over their account, money, and other transactions
  4. It gives a direct and easy means (good security) of monitoring the finances and also checking of the account balance without going through the stress of visiting the bank branch
  5. It promotes the availability of the account, as information/records can be retrieved record anytime, anywhere.
  6. It also enables every user to perform exchanges or transfer any kind of services, at their convenience, that is, whenever or wherever it suits them
  7. The services provided on the Access Mobile app is, quick, secured, understandable, and safe.
  8. The mobile banking app is more fascinating with its characteristics which includes online constant, real-time monitoring, and at the same time account management.



Transaction Performed On Access Mobile Banking App Is As Follows

  1. Funds transaction between the bank and other financial accounts.
  2. Checking / getting updates on the account balance.
  3. Payment of bills.
  4. Purchasing and transferring of airtime for personal use and to other accounts
  5. Flight Tickets

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