Aero Contractors Online Flight Booking: Step By Step Procedure And Flyaero Destinations Nationwide

Aero Contractors as widely called In Nigeria, is a West Africa’s 51 years old Aviation Company, well respected aviation service provider with it advanced scheduled commercial and helicopter offshore oil and gas sector operation.

Aero has also played a major key role in the oil and gas operation sectior in Nigeria and well respected aviation service provider in the rotary wing (helicopter) offshore oil and gas sector plus the fixed wing scheduled and charter passenger sector. Aero is uniquely placed in the Nigerian market to offer both rotary and fixed wing services to the highest international standards of safety.

Arguably the fastest growing Nigerian carrier passenger, Aero Air is focused on bringing customers world class aviation services with affordable fares, quality on-board services, good customer relations with effective online services and operational competence. Aero pride itself in its punctuality and safety record. Aero has established itself as the leading regional and innovative carrier in West Africa.

With it Headquarter in Lagos , Nigeria , Fly Aero operates a combined fleet of about 20 helicopters and 15 fixed wing aircraft Which ranges from 50 seat Dash 8 to 144 seat Boeing 737-400/500, employing about 1,300 personnel staff. Aero Airline have received many recognitions for it scheduled operations, consistently offering the most reliable services and best value fares whilst introducing new initiatives into the Local Airline market to empower more people to fly more often. With its excellent safety record, Aero Flight has consistently invested in safety and security of its customers, equipments, operations and staff.

Aero Various Operational Divisions

AeroContractors Company of Nigeria Limited (ACN) has two divisions:

Aero Nigeria – Providing scheduled fixed wing passenger services to various Nigerian domestic airports and international destinations in the West African sub-region.

Rotary Wing – Helicopter for offshore oil and gas aviation services in the country and other Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

List Of States Covered By Aero Contractor: Aero Fly To The State Listed Below

Port Harcourt(Omagwa Int’l Airport)
Port Harcourt (NAF Base)


Step By Step Flight Booking With Aero Contractors

Step 1. Open this url

Step 2. Fill the “book your flight now” Field to check availability of Flight for you destination.

Step 3. Once you have completed the check and certified, then click on the “Book Now” Menu as shown in the image below.






Step 4. Fill The Flight Schedule Form and submit.

Step 5. You can choose to make payment online with Their different Online Payment Options or Orint out the flight schedule form and pay later across the counter at the airport


Procedures In Getting A Refund Of Canceled Flight

Kindly click on this Link to see what is required to get You Money Back.

Then Download And Fill This Form for the complete process. Ticket Refund Form


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