Airtel Monthly Data Plan: How To Migrate With Different Subscription Codes

Airtel Nigeria is one of the telecommunications companies in Nigeria with a huge customer base as well as wide network coverage. At the moment, they are ranked third having the largest number of mobile internet subscribers in Nigeria base on the last statistics provided by the NCC.

Over the last few months, there has been a gradual increase in the number of internet users on the Airtel network in Nigeria. This is attributed to the affordable data plans especially the 2G data plan subscriptions. We can not also by pass the fact that Airtel internet services are great and fast.

In this piece, we shall take a look at the monthly data plans offered by Airtel. This include their data cap, price, validity and subscription codes. Note that the data plan been discussed here are valid for 30 days except otherwise stated.

Below are the different types of monthly data plan on Airtel network;


1.5GB Data Plan

This data bundle offered by Airtel network is suitable for Android, Phones, Tablets etc. It’s a smooth drive over the internet. It’s at the rate N1000 for 1.5GB data worth. To enjoy this data plan, simply dial *496# on an Airtel line with sufficient balance. After which you will be debited and notified of your subscription.


The 3.5GB Data Plan

This data plan is the double of the 1.5GB with extra 500MB and it comes with an affordable price of N2,000 valid for 30 days. To enjoy this data plan, please dial *437# on an Airtel line with sufficient balance. After dialing this subscription code, if you have sufficient balance, it will deducted and you receive an SMS confirming your subscription.


5.0GB Data Plan

This another data plan under the Airtel network. Its a voluminous data cap with a little amount. That is, 5.0GB for just N2500 valid for 30 days. Isn’t that great? To enjoy this great offer, please dial 4371#. Please ensure you have sufficient balance before dialing the subscription code.


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7.0GB Data Plan

This data plan comes with a data volume of 7GB for 30 days validity. With this data plan, you can surf the internet and even download as you want on your device. It cost only N3,500. To enjoy this data plan, please dial *438# to subscribe.


9.0 GB Data Plan

This is another voluminous data plan for a less amount. This data plan offer is 9.0GB for just N4000 and it is valid for 30 days. This offers much more internet surfing enjoyment with the ability to download. To enjoy this data plan, please dial 4381# to subscribe.


10 GB Data Plan

Here is one of the mega data plans called Mega 5. Its a voluminous data plan for heavy internet users. The amount charged for this data is quite small compared to the data cap. 10GB for just N5,000 for 30 days. To subscribe, kindly dial *452#


16GB Data Plan

Here is another mega data plan called Mega 8. It comes with 16GB data worth valid for 30 days. To enjoy this, kindly dial *460# to subscribe.


22GB Data Plan

This is called Mega 10. Its valid for 30 days with 22GB worth of data for just N10,000. Isn’t that great? For me it is. To enjoy this great data plan, please dial *462#.


The above data plans are 30 days validity data plans. If you wish to know more or other data plans available on the Airtel network, kindly dial *141# and follow the prompt to see other data types and you can as well subscribe via the code. You may also reach the Airtel customer service via 111 or visit any of the Airtel office close.

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