Airtel Sim Roaming: How To Roam Data And Voice Plan With Their Benefits

Most people encounter difficulties keeping in touch with friends and families when they travel abroad temporarily or even calling foreign numbers due to the codes and stuffs like that but with SIM roaming, you can use your own SIM the same way you would at home with your own phone number.

Roaming means the ability of foreign subscribers to connect and use a foreign network while traveling and this is made possible because various countries in compliance with international GSM standards built mutually compatible networks.

Airtel Nigeria maintains such agreements with 400 operators in over 170 countries ensuring subscribers are able to keep in touch with friends, family and business associates.

Airtel Prepaid Roaming

This medium permit all subscribers to automatically make and receive calls and SMS when they move or travel outside the Airtel Nigeria network to a GSM network enabled country that offers prepaid roaming via CAMEL phase 2 &3.


  1. Seamless network service between Airtel Nigeria and prepaid roaming partner network.
  2. Ability to send and receive calls and SMS using Airtel Nigeria SIM in the roaming partner network.

How It Works/How To Get Connected To A Foreign GSM Network

You can activate automatically by dialing *789# or activate manually by going to your phone’s settings, click phone settings select a roaming partner and you can start roaming.

Postpaid Roaming

How to get started

  1. You are to Fill an application form that is obtainable from any Airtel shop or stores
  2. Then you would Pay the sum of #50,000 non refundable roaming deposit and #2000 activation fee
  3. Call customer care on 131 (Only for postpaid) at least 48 hours before you travel to activate your international roaming service.

How It Works

You can activate automatically by dialing *789# or activate manually by going to your phone’s settings, click phone settings then select a roaming partner and you can start roaming.

Data Roaming

Subscribers can send and receive emails whilst roaming. Other benefits are WhatsApp, internet browsing and other applications on your smartphones. Data usage is charged per volume of data sent or received and charges vary from one operator to another. Note that the local access code for GPRS/BlackBerry are not valid abroad and also all data usage while abroad will be charged at the visited operator roaming data rates.

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Benefits Of Airtel SIM Roaming

  1. You get to roam your line at a discounted rate on selected networks in 26 countries.
  2. Can be used for voice and data when abroad and voice, data and SMS on return to Nigeria
  3. You get free 100 minutes of incoming calls while in those countries
  4. If you were unable to exhaust your airtime balance on return to Nigeria, it can be used locally anywhere
  5. Roaming is open to both prepaid and postpaid and can be used for voice,data and SMS
  6. You can be reached at any place where there are partner networks so you can use your SIM the same way you would use it at home
  7. If you want to make a call,after pressing the prefix “+” your phone will automatically search for the international code so you don’t need to stress yourself memorizing foreign numbers or codes from whatever country you are in.

To check your bundle balance once activated dial *123*3#

How To Call Phone Numbers In Nigeria When Abroad

  1. Enter the countey code for Nigeria (+234) followed by the mobile number in local format but without the (0).Example +2348035002239
  2. To call a landline in Nigeria, enter the country code for Nigeria followed by the area code for the country you arr calling from then followed by the number. Example +234020278976

How To Call Other Countries From Abroad

  1. Press “+” then enter the country code followed by rhe area code then the person’s phone no then dial.

To get the list of roaming partners, send ” Roam space country ” to 32971, you will receive a message giving you the list of roaming parners in that country and the type of roaming available. Example send Roam Egypt to 32971.Service costs #30 only.

Extra Services To Airtel Roaming Subscribers

  1. Short code roaming.
  2. Smart call assistant.
  3. Virtual Home environment.

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