Airtel Weekend Data Plan: How To Migrate To This Plan And The Benefits

Weekends are generally known as time of rest except you are in the hospitality industry. There are several people who are extremely busy during the week but free at the weekend. This set of people are catered for on the Airtel data subscription plans with the weekend data plan.


The weekend data plan means data subscription that gives you a volume of data but it can only be used during the weekend. That is, usually between Saturday morning and Sunday evening. Before now, lots of weekend data plan usually begin by Friday evening. This is believed to be a time the busy work or business people will time. This same period, the hospitality business people too are well engaged, they could take advantage too.


Airtel Weekend Data Plans

On Airtel weekend data plans, the validity opens by 12am on Saturday and closes by 11:59pm on Sunday. You can access the internet, download, video calls, chat etc with your subscribed data within those hours. Note that this plan will not work outside the time frame of its validity. At the moment, Airtel offers two major weekend data plans and these include;


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Weekend Plan 200

The Airtel weekend data plan 200 offers 200MB worth of data. It can be accessed within validity period expressed above. To subscribe to this plan, kindly dial *472#. Do ensure you have sufficient airtime on your line before you dial the subscription code.


Weekend Plan 500

This Airtel weekend data plan offers 500MB for the same period of time expressed above. You can subscribe for this plan by dialling *473# on an active Airtel line with sufficient airtime balance. You can do this subscription as against the first one if you have lots of things to do.


To check your data balance after subscription and during usage, kindly dial *223# or *140# on the Airtel line with which you have subscribed and you will get an SMS containing your data balance. With this you can check the progress of your data usage.


The beauty of these plans are that you can use it on any device (mobile, laptop, desktop etc.). You can use it on your modem, its all well. You don’t need to do the regular monthly plan that may lead to a waste due your busy schedule. You can simply move all your internet activity to weekend. Also, if you ask me, I think its a fair bargain considering the data volume, validity and price. What do you think? Let’s here from you, kindly use the comment box below. If you have used any of these data plans before, we would love to hear from you. You can share your experience in the comments box.


For further enquiry or assistance on the weekend data plans, you may contact the customer service for free on your Airtel line via 111. You may also walk into any Airtel office close by for assistance.

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