University Of Ibadan Postgraduate School: Their Requirements And The Available Courses To Study

As we know, University Of Ibadan is arguably one of the best University in Nigeria. The first postgraduate degree of the University was awarded in 1952 when the University was still a University College then it was under the scheme of the special relationship with the University of London. In the year 1962, when the then University College transformed into the independent University of Ibadan, there were only 64 students registered for higher degrees, some of whom decided to transfer their registration to the University of Ibadan.


In order to administer the higher degree programme, the Senate of the University of Ibadan created the Higher Degrees Committee on 28 January 1963, and charged it with the responsibility of considering recommendations from the Faculty Boards on matters relating to the pursuit of higher degrees at the university. As time went and the number of higher degrees students increased, it was found that the cumbersome procedure involved in processing postgraduate matters from Faculty Boards of Studies through Faculty Boards to the Higher Degrees Committee and, finally, to Senate was delaying recommendations, which often took as long as a year to get to Senate. As a result of recommendations from the Faculty Boards and the Higher Degrees Committee, Senate in 1970 established the Board of the Postgraduate Studies to replace the Higher Degrees Committee.


Postgraduate Courses Offered In UI

The following faculties are open to prospective students.

  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • The Social Sciences
  • Education
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Technology
  • Law
  • Public Health



Registration Processes In University Of Ibadan Postgraduate Programs

Please follow the application and registration guidelines below.


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Step Activity
1 Applicants are to download the PG school Prospectus and read through carefully to determine availability of the programme which they intend to apply for and their eligibility (You are expected to have done this by now)
2 Having satisfied step 1, each applicant would be requested to supply Names, Country of Origin, e-mail Address, phone number, country code and country of residence . All applicants would receive a mail containing an application number and a password through the email address supplied and the applicant would be requested to retrieve and supply these to confirm the e-mail Address. (Please note that It is very important that each applicant supplies a valid and accessible e-mail address)
3 Each applicant will then be required to select the programme he/she intends to apply for. An Invoice will be issued to the applicant. Based on the invoice bill, you will need to defray the invoice at any branch of the banks listed on the invoice. (Foreigners would be expected to pay into the international account of the PG School specified on the invoice). Please note that if you are applying for the degree of Master or PGD, you would be required to take an English Proficiency test.
4 Each applicant is expected to defray the bill on the invoice page after which, the applicant can commence the application procedure. Please bear in mind that you would be require to upload a scanned copies of your credentials. The credentials would include
(a) NYSC certificate or Call Up letter [if you are currently on the service] (if you are a Nigerian)
(b) Marriage Certificate (if you are female and married)
(c) Degree/ Diploma Certificate(s)  (e.g. First Degree, Masters, HND,  (Please note that if your certificate is not yet ready, you could select to supply an attestation letter in the meantime)
(d) O/A Level results – WAEC/GCE/NECO or certificates acceptable to the University of Ibadan
(e) Any professional certificate  that you may possess
(f) Any other relevant documents to support your Application
You are advised to prepare the scanned copies of these documents as well as your passport photograph (Note that the passport photograph must be 600 pixel in length and 480 pixel in breath) prior to commencing your application process. This will quicken the process. Also note that the minimum size for a page is 6KB while the maximum size is 500KB. Additionally, only JPG, JPEG and PNG formats are accepted
5 You will be required to supply the names and e-mail addresses of 3 individuals who would serve as your referees, one of them MUST be your former teacher/lecturer. No relatives are allowed to serve as your referee. The referees would no longer fill paper referee form. As soon as you LOCK UP your data, each of your referee(s) would be contacted via e-mail and directed to our e-referee portal to supply the needed information
6 After completion of all data entry, the applicant will be required to review data supplied as well as documents uploaded for any “last minute” adjustments. The applicant would be able to make adjustment to all data except the E-mail Address and Country of Origin All through, the applicant could drop complaints directly with the Information Officer of the PG school (using the “Student Support” link at the top of the page) if any difficulty or confusion arises
7 Having satisfied Step 6, each applicant would be required to LOCK UP his/her data to signify that the information provided is complete and accurate. .
8 You are to print a copy of the Transcript Label to be sent along with your transcript request to your previous School.The Transcript Label must be attached to each request for transcript (UI graduates do not need to submit Transcript).
9 PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PRINT AND SUBMIT ANY FORM AT THE PG SCHOOL until you are admitted and asked to come for clearance. The Application forms are to be submitted (locked up) online electronically. SO DONT BRING ANY FORM WHATSOEVER TO THE PG SCHOOL.
10 Each applicant shall receive e-mail and/or text messages from the PG School on their application status. All Applicants are hereby encouraged to kindly on a regular occasion log-on to the PG School Application portal to check on their application status, as the application could be published at any time. You are also free  to place a complaint with the Information Officer using the “Student Support” link or through the office or the registrar provided in the address below.




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